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Day 2 - Akumal

We hopped in our car and headed to Turtle Bay Cafe for breakfast, which is at the other end of the bay, near the arch. The food was fantastic! Very rustic and fresh. Hubby had the chilaquiles, chaya juice and coffee and I ordered the breakfast sandwich with added avocado. I also had a glass of watermelon juice. What a delicious breakfast. We decided for the rest of our stay in Akumal to make breakfast at the condo so we can have more leisurely mornings, so we stopped at the supermarket across the street from Turtle Bay and picked up some eggs, bread and butter.

Then it was back to the condo where we hung out all day on the beach. We both went into the water and it was wonderful...The perfect temperature and nice and calm. The rocks were annoying but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Once we waded out a decent distance from the shore, there were plenty of sandy areas where we could float around rock-free.

It's so incredibly peaceful and relaxing here. No hordes of people, no thumping beach clubs blasting horrible techno "music". Just the sounds of birds and the water. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. The rocky shoreline in front of our condo complex provides a benefit for maintaining peace and quiet. The beach right here is not at all walkable due to the rocks so there are no people walking by. I know for some people this would be a negative but we don't care about people watching so for us, serenity and the beauty of nature are everything we need.

Later in the day we decided to head to the pool to try it one more time but nope...Just too darned cold. Oh, there is one more complaint to make. The pool is surrounded by regular chairs, not loungers so if you want to relax at the pool you have to sit upright, which is rather lame. There are 2 loungers but they are way off on this far side of the area away from the main pool.

We hung out there for awhile and one of the owners came over and hung out and chatted with us. He told us to be extra careful about locking our unit up securely because there have been very recent break-ins at the complex, including at his unit where the burglars did all kinds of destruction breaking in and then trying to destroy his safe! In another unit, a burglar broke in in mid day while the couple was HOME and outside barbecuing! The woman came upon him in her unit hiding in the closet. I would have had a heart attack and would have had to been taken away in an ambulance.

Needless to say we feel a bit uneasy here now and are being extra diligent about locking everything up at all times.

For dinner we went to La Lunita down the road. This is another waterfront place with a nice atmosphere. Not quite as cool as the atmosphere at La Buena Vida, but still nice.

The food here was fantastic! We shared an order of coconut shrimp and it was wonderful. It came with a side of what seemed to be some kind of mashed sweet potatoes as well as sauteed veggies that had an Asian flavoring. It also came with a sweet dipping sauce. It was some of the best coconut shrimp we've ever had. For our entrees, hubby ordered a grilled salmon dish and I had the chili relleno, both of which were outstanding. The highlight, however, was dessert. It was called "fudge du chocolate" . It wasn't clear what it was, and the waiter's explanation was vague so I took a chance and was not disappointed. Basically, it was a brownie-sized slab of dark chocolate fudge that was cold, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnished with chocolate sauce. It was out of this world!

After dinner we headed home and went to bed. Hubby was extra tired. More fun to come...

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