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Day 3 - Akumal

I made breakfast for us today. I used the leftover chili relleno as a filling for omelets

We relaxed on the beach in front of our condo for a good part of the day and swam a lot. I love to float around on the wacky noodle.

We are amazed at how few people there are here. Rarely do we see anyone out on the loungers at our condo or even along the bay in general. I would say at any given time, there are 3-5 people max in or around the bay.

There is one exception. There's a big house next to our complex that our neighbor calls "the party house" and there is a very loud, drunk, annoying group of what sounds like 15 frat boys staying there. All day long they are hooting and hollering full blast, yelling profanities, etc. with no consideration for how loud they are or who they may be disturbing. Our neighbor said that house is an ongoing problem and they've had to call the police many times.

But other than the obnoxious frat boys, it's serene, peaceful, quiet and beautiful here on the bay.

In the afternoon, when I was floating on the noodle, I noticed that the current wanted to take me south across the bay, so I suggested to hubby that we go on a noodle adventure. It took some convincing but I got him to agree to float across the bay to La Buena Vida for some drinks. I took my new GoPro-like action camera to take some videos.

We went about half way across the bay without much effort and then decided to go ashore and walk the rest of the way.

There's a big downside to staying here and that is that the beach is not good for walking. It's short, steeply pitched and very rocky at the water line.

Once at LBV, we were seated at a table right by the water...beautiful view! I ordered a drink called Pink Panther which was a creamy pink drink that was awesome and surprisingly not overly sweet. Hubby had a kamikaze and a Manhattan. We also ordered some mixed ceviche and vegetarian nachos. The food was pretty good. My assessment of LBV after our second visit is that it's a good place for drinks and casual food..snacks, etc. and the awesome atmosphere. It's not going to knock a foodie's socks off.

We walked all the way across the bay back to our condo and hung out and relaxed the rest of the day. A rain shower blew in late afternoon and at one point it was fully sunny and pouring rain at the same time.

We decided to drive into town in the evening to walk around and explore. One irritation is that there's really no parking in town unless you use a pay lot. Not that expensive (the only one we found that was open at night was $20 MXN per hour) but still annoying. We walked around the town and quickly discovered there really isn't much to see. About 3 small blocks with very few businesses occupying them. I think our walk took all of 5 minutes. We stopped at Lol-Ha for a drink and then decided to find a place to have dinner. We felt like taking a break from Mexican food so we went to Taverna, an Italian restaurant. It has a cute atmosphere...upper level, thatched roof and overlooks a pretty courtyard with colorful twinkle lights.

The food was delicious! We both ordered caprese salads. I had a ravioli dish that was out of this world. Hubby wasn't too hungry so he just had the salad and then decided to order some foccaccia, which we shared, and it was scrumptious. I asked the server for some cheese to sprinkle on it, and he excitedly made a dipping sauce with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and cheese. It was awesome.

The highlight for me was dessert. I ordered the chocolate mousse and it was one of the best things I have ever eaten, no lie! I would go back there just for the mousse alone.

We also had a couple drinks. This restaurant was more expensive than usual. I think our bill (with a generous tip because we loved our waiter) came to the equivalent of around $83 USD. My only other complaint is that portion size of the salads and entree were small.

After that we headed back to the condo and turned in early. We were extra sleepy from all of the swimming, drinks and delicious food.

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