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Originally Posted by Mnbruce View Post
Are you saying she is lying or are you saying she has come forward now because she is a lib? It couldn't have anything to do with women now feeling more comfortable to come forward to tell their stories?
It matters not whether I think these women are telling the truth or not, it's not about me. But, did the Wa. ComPost article disclose this tidbit about her working for the Hillary campaign? If not, that is some shoddy reporting, wouldn't you say? Why would these women feel more comfortable to come forward, after 40 years, in the last month of this campaign? Moore is no stranger to politics, he has been around forever in state politics. After the dossier escapade, and the stonewalling that went with uncovering who was behind it, it's clear that no shady tactics are beneath your party and its media wing, as well as establishment Republicans.
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