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Day 4 - Akumal

Today our plan was to spend the day in the beach in Tulum. I checked the weather forecast and it looked decent early in the day but stormy in the afternoon, so we made an early start and left the condo around 8:30.

It was an easy drive to Tulum. Actually, it's been easy driving this whole trip. The last time we rented a car on one of our trips to this area was several years ago and we both are impressed with how much nicer 307 is to drive now. We recall years ago there being lots of topes on 307 that would come out of nowhere and almost break your axel but now it's smooth sailing and nicely paved. We also noticed 307 looks more attractive now overall. I guess they are making it more tourist friendly.

It took about 20 - 30 minutes to get to Tulum. We've stayed in Tulum twice in the past so we are familiar with the route. We were surprised how much development has taken place since our last visit. It still retains its eco charm, but there are more businesses that have sprung up and we were also surprised that the beach road is nicely paved now. We noticed the demographic is much more young and hip. Or maybe it's just that we're less young and hip now ; Anyway, the town is still really charming. Too bad it's out of our budget. The last time I checked, rooms in those eco huts on the beach were in the $400/night and up range!!!!

I just hope Tulum isn't on the path to becoming the next Playa. We are seeing troubling with noisy power tools working feverishly in many places.

We decided to visit Ziggy's beach club, since it gets great reviews. We brought our own beach chairs and umbrella in case the beach clubs were blaring music but Ziggy's was quiet. However they had a $20USD minimum requirement per person to use their beach chairs, and they had no umbrellas. I cannot sit in the sun, so we decided to use our own chairs. We sat out front of Ziggy's. We did end up spending a good deal of money there.

Even though we have been to Tulum before, we are still shocked at how drop dead gorgeous the beach is there. It is utterly STUNNING and probably the most beautiful beach we've ever visited. It just takes our breath away. We sat on the beach and just marvelled at the array of beautiful hues of blue and turquoise. I love the contrast of those colors against the creamy sand and the golden green color of the palm trees. This is what my idea of heaven is.

The weather held out pretty well for the few hours we were there. At times the sky seemed to be darkening, but it would last only a few minutes and then it would be blazing sun again.

The water was a little too rough for our taste but we did go in up to our knees.

We had food and drinks at Ziggy's. The food was super good, but expensive. We had battered fish tacos (outstanding) and a couple orders of coconut shrimp which were absolutely divine. The service was friendly but a bit inept. Hubby asked the bartender for a rum runner and he had no idea what that was. I ordered a pina colada and what I got appeared to be unsweetened coconut milk blended with rum and ice. There wasn't a trace of sweetness in this drink. I don't even think there was pineapple juice in it. So hubby took it back and asked them to add pineapple juice to it, which made it a little better. There was also confusion over our tab. They had trouble locating it when it was time to pay. I think we spent the equivalent of about $100USD at Ziggy's for some food a few drinks. But overall, it was a nice experience and atmosphere and we can see why the place is so popular.

Around 1:30 the sky really started to darken so we packed up to head back to Akumal. It started raining pretty heavily when we were almost there and continued to rain the rest of the day into the early evening.

We were both super sleepy when we got back so we took a nice long nap.

For dinner, we decided to try a restaurant right around the corner from us called Que Onda. It's right near the entrance to Yal-ku. It's an Italian restaurant and they specialize in homemade pasta. We both ordered fried mozzarella as an appetizer and it was super yummy. For our entrees, hubby ordered linguine with tomato sauce and I ordered linguine with pesto. Both were very good, although mine needed quite a bit of salt to make it just right. The bread they served wasn't anything special and appeared to be cheapie stuff from the grocery store. For dessert I ordered the chocolate mousse and hoped for something approximating what I got the night before at Taverna but sadly, it was a real disappointment. The first disappointing dessert of the vacation. It wasn't really chocolate mousse. It was a slab of frozen cake that had some frozen mousse in the center. And it wasn't good cake. It was bland and nothing special. Wah wahhhhh.

First World Problems.

Back to the condo. I have to say it's a little unnerving walking the streets around here. It's very dark, deadly quiet and they are not well lit. It's a bit creepy and honestly, a little frightening to me knowing about the recent break-ins.

Now that we've been here a few days, we both agree that while it's a beautiful place and we are glad we visited, we probably wouldn't come back here for a stay. I think the main issue for us is the rockiness of the beach. We prefer a beach where we can just walk in not have to watch every step. Another issue concerning the beach is that it's really not walkable. We love to take long beach walks and you can't really do that here very easily with all of the rocks and the steep pitch of the beach. But aside from the beach issues, Akumal is just too sleepy for us. The town is too small and there's not enough to do, especially at night. We like a small town where we can stroll around and entertain ourselves for a couple hours in the evening and we like to have a good array of dining choices. While the restaurants are good here, there aren't that many of them.

One more full day here and then we head to Isla Mujeres, which is better suited to us. We stayed there for a few days last year and really liked it, so we're looking forward to that.

I am writing this the next morning and it's storming again and the power just went out. I hope this rain lets up soon!

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