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Originally Posted by breckenridge View Post
Snowshoe's are fun - it is quiet & great exercise. If snow not deep take them off & hike. (carry with you if want to go cross country)
Hint: stay on the path - it is not fun to start post holeing (sp).
Another hint: Rent - don't buy till you see if you like it. Any winter sports store that rents ski's will rent snow shoes. Ask for "trail" assistance from rental shop. Most will apply rental to purchase if you decide to buy. Pack a lunch (wine & cheese) - a bottle of wine. Drink lots of water. Dress in layers - take a small tarp with you to sit on for lunch.
Thanks! I will probably just start by walking around a few of the local gold courses once it snows. My neighbor does that. Get some hills in. I may end up being bored out of my mind doing this but I might as well give it a shot.
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