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Day 7 - Isla Mujeres

Woke up to cloudy skies AGAIN. This is getting old. Determined to not let it spoil our vacation but it's hard not to be bummed.

Our orange gato came to visit this morning. We don't know what his name is but we call him El Chapo because it makes us laugh. We've determined 2 things about El Chapo. He's young (we'd guess less than one year) and he's not feral. He runs into our condo like he owns the place and lets us pick him up and snuggle him (he purrs). He gives me gentle love bites when he's had enough. He looked hungry so I gave him some cheese. He ate a little but seemed like he wanted something else so I decided to pick up some cat food later. We love him.

We went to Lola Valentina and had an amazing breakfast. We both got dessert-like breakfasts...The kind we always avoid eating at home because too much sugar, not enough protein, not healthy enough. I got the Tree Leches Coconut French Toast and hubby got a concoction called Dark and Stormy French toast. His was stuffed with a cream cheese filling (protein!) and had some fresh fruit in the side so I guess it really WAS health food ☺ He also got a Green Tropical Smoothie which was also delish.

The food was AMAZING! And our server could not be nicer. He was as friendly as the last server we had, the day we had lunch there. I can't understand why Rooster across the street gets more breakfast business
than Lola because we've eaten at both and Lola is at least as good, if not better, and service is the friendliest we have ever experienced.

The weather was overcast for a good part of the day with an occasional downpour and peeks of sun here and there. We hung out in the condo when it was dreary and read. When it looked like the sun was coming out and the skies were clearing up, we raced to the beach and got set up with chairs and an umbrella. That didn't last long, because within an hour, the skies darkened and a storm blew in. It was like this all day.

We had drinks and snacks at the Mayan Beach Club bar, which is Nautibeach's on-site restaurant. We got guacamole and pico di gallo. The food was good. Hubby got a couple beers and I got a Coco Loco, which is a watery coconut water drink served in a real coconut (non-alcoholic). It was good.

Toward the end of our meal, the skies started to clear so we decided to take a walk down the beach. We walked all the way to the end and went into the shallow water there and took some photos. Then we walked back and went in the deeper water. It was a little too chilly for hubby so he didn't last long but it was fine for me. I got some funny pictures of us when we first got in making funny faces because of the chilly water.

We went back and hung around the pool for awhile. I went in and found it wasn't as chilly as it seemed earlier now that I was already wet from the ocean. Too chilly for hubby so he sat out.

We sat around the pool for an hour or two and then the skies darkened again so we headed inside.

For dinner, we went to Angelo's. As we were walking there, the skies opened and it rained cats and dogs. We dashed under an awning to wait it out. The worst of it was over in about 10 minutes. We continued on to Angelo's where we had the most amazing meal, one of the best of the trip so far.

I wanted pizza so I ordered the 4 Formaggio pie. To say it was out of this world would be an understatement. It was utterly delectable and some of the best pizza I have ever eaten (and I am a big pizza eater). Hubs got the grilled fish filet entree (grouper) and he RAVED about it. It was served with really nice veggies and the whole thing was obviously marinated in Mediterranean marinade and grilled on the fire. I tasted a little and it really was amazing.

For dessert, we decided to walk to the end of the drag to get gelato. It too was amazing and the perfect ending for that meal.

What an ordeal to get there, though. Hidalgo was flooded from the rain and in spots it got as deep as almost mid-calf. We just trudged through it and laughed along with some others who were doing the same thing. Come hell or high water....we were getting gelato!

We took an alternate route back where there was less flooding and made sure to wash our legs and feet off before going to bed.

PLEASE let tomorrow be a sunny day!

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