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A couple of mornings I got up early, got out of the room and took a drive. The area was all new to me, so I was never sure what I would come across.

One morning I went down Dry Creek Road towards Boynton Canyon. As I approached the canyon I saw the hot air balloons. I thought I would keep an eye on them while driving around.

I drove further down the canyon to see if I could get some closer shots as the hovered around the red rocks. I stopped at a small parking lot to watch for a little while. As it turned out, that area was where the balloons were going to land. A few spotter trucks with trailers showed up to prepared for the landings.

I took a few photos from that location.

There was one hovering overhead, and as it started to descend it appeared to be coming down right on top of me. I was wondering how I was going to explain the damage to my rental car.

Luckily it landed about 50 ft. away. A few other balloons touched down close also.

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