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Originally Posted by PCANNIE View Post
Beautiful pictures as per usual. The scenery is breathtaking. I must agree with your thoughts on the number of bodies in that basket, way to many for my comfort zone lol.
Originally Posted by Susie Q Roo View Post
Breathtaking! Thank you, Bruce! I'll be there again someday...
Originally Posted by Rissask View Post
Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place.

Did you poke around in the (man) galleries in town? I remember seeing some absolutely beautiful photos of the night sky/Milky Way over Sedona in one shop. Was tempted to buy one until I saw the price tags.

Sorta like this one but much nicer...

Thanks to to all!

Yes Riss, I did check out those galleries with those amazing images. Wow.

I was hoping to see, not photograph, some skies like those but it just did not happen while I was there. We have nights like that up at the lake and I would imagine you see some like that near where you live also. Those kind of skies take my breath away.
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