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Originally Posted by sanluisdavid View Post
The very first listing you have on the newsletter has in very large print $127,000 for a 1 bedroom unit, then you click to find out more info and it takes you to a page that indicates prices start at $201,600!!! That is a pretty big difference.

At least they eventually list the actual price. There are a number of agencies in town that won't even tell you a price until they have you in their office. Then when you inform them the price is way too high, they seem annoyed for wasting their time

Also, a lot of ads here will show something large, like 2800 square feet. Then you see the place and it can't be more than 1000. Apparently common areas or outdoor space can count here if it makes the ad look better. (then they get annoyed for wasting their time when you tell them the place is not what you're looking for)
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