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Originally Posted by DrewJones View Post
At least they eventually list the actual price. There are a number of agencies in town that won't even tell you a price until they have you in their office.
Or there was the place that I ended up buying they wouldn't actually tell you where it was except for Playacar II. I came to find out and half the pictures were from 5+ years ago and the other half were for a completely different unit same building but mirror image to my unit. I had to play detective and use pictures of the pool and google satellite coverage to figure out where it was.

After I got there I can see why they didn't use any actual pictures of the unit because the unit was a absolute dump It ended up being stripped to the concrete block and start again. But it was being sold so far below market value so even after a full gut it still came in cheaper than market value.

I affectionately referred to my condo when we bought it as the worst condo in Playacar II. It isn't anymore but was a bit of work to not be the worst anymore. Our friends were very surprised how quickly we turned the unit around (about 9 weeks 3 different trips over 6 months). Just a few more mini projects and we can finally just enjoy and not think about that stuff anymore.
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