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Still Drifting

Well I had a couple of requests to post something up this year so I though I would give it a try again. My last trip report kind of fizzled out for a few reasons, not the least of them being a change in companionship. See, I had started out alone, then ran into Miss Abril (the widder McGregor) who hung in with me for three weeks until I sent her away as one of the (other) women I was dating was showing up and I figured the bed would get too crowded. The "new" girl didn't travel too well and the last two weeks or so of my travels went down the tubes.
When I got back to Canada I looked up Miss Abril and her and I have been keeping company kinda regular.... has its ups and downs but we both agree to go until it aint fun anymore and then we can walk away still being friends. Our agreement from last year is still in force... I lead, she follows... and we split the costs.

My other trip reports have been in the Playa Del Carmen heading but the trips range wide now so I will post this one here in "Other Destinations".

I enjoy any feedback and encouragement you can give me to keep writing something.

Originally we had planned to fly down January 6th but with the weather turning bad fast and me getting the paperwork caught up the flight was changed to Dec 30th. and the next thing we knew we were sitting in The Alive bar on New years eve.

Im trying posting with flicker and hopefully they wont decide to charge to allow to post to forums (like photobucket)
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