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I've been solely using online booking sites for the past decade, around four trips a year, AI and non AI, domestic, Mexico, Europe, all of them. So over 40 trips total now. The one exception was a work trip to Kenya and we had to use a TA.

I've never been bumped or given a room other than one I specifically booked, or been treated negatively in any way. With the majority of people using the online sites to book these days, I think that no longer applies. Why would anyone use them? You can e-mail he hotel before the trip yourself with an special requests and questions- I think this helps and I do it a lot, plus simply being nice to the desk agent.

I had to change dates and number of nights for a Vegas trip I booked with Expedia once and it was easy and quick. Most online sites have 24 hour phone service in case of emergencies- not many travel agents do that- so I don't get the comment about them not being helpful in case of emergencies.

I usually book packages on Expedia as I find the best deals there- but that depends I think where you are from, somewhat. I read a lot of Canadians saying that about Over the years you get to have your favourites.

I also book airfare direcly with the airline often (usually WestJet) and then use a site like Trivago to find the best deal on a hotel.

I try to stick with ones I know are solid- like and or TA or Expedia, though.

I think Bookit is reputable- never read anything negative about them. I'd always google to see if they are legit.
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