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Originally Posted by Tracielynn View Post
You've been lucky for sure. Just helps to have a real person you know to help you if you have problems or anything tragic....especially like I did.
To each his own I guess. I know bookit is reputable though, but know a few people who've been bumped with overbooking.

Where ya staying in Hualtulco? I LOVE that place. Stayed at Dreams a couple years ago, one of my favorite places. Hot as hell where ya can't even walk on the sand.
Very good point. although it's rare, it would be nice to have that human touch at a time like that.

Yes it's beautiful. (a bit TOO hot, almost, though.) Love the gorgeous beaches there and the guaranteed good weather. I prefer Zihuatanejo but the boyfriend wants to see everywhere in Mexico before he picks a favourite- this will be the third place he's been in Mexico in a year and a half!

We are staying at two different non AI hotels. I'm not much of an AI fan. The first time I was there I stayed AI though- the Park Royal and the second time was another non AI.

The first week is the Villablanca and the second week is the Princess Mayev.

Both are small and get rave reviews. Both are in walking distance to both towns and to Entrega and Maguey beaches as well as Chahue and Santa Cruz marinas and beaches. Both booked on
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