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Originally Posted by DrewJones View Post
I just checked the Semenario Facebook page for clues about what this warning is about. Car accidents, car accidents, and more car accidents.

Trip Advisor forum votes for something related to the ferry.

Also seems suspicious that the warning was issued on the same day that Rob's BBQs were shut down by the HOA and the Alive bar "issue" was resolved.
but drew,,,were are only shut down at this little location,,,the bbqs will live into infinity,,,we already looking at another venue for monday,,,,,which is much better,,,not my call list but im sure we can rock out more till we all go,,,then next winter we just get another monday spot,,,,there is so many more rocking spots for us,,,,,rooftops everywheres now,,,with pools,and newer building, in nice cool areas,,,yahoo, we will always rock the q

im a bit concerned for the amerikans with all these warnings
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