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Mexico has had a tourism PR problem for a LONG time, the high murder rate, the drug gangs, etc. But as fans of Playa and the entire region, we've always been able to say "Yeah, but that's contained to just the border cities and cities on the Western coast, Playa and the entire region are largely safe." Not anymore.

Shootings at the Blue Parrot and on 5th, bombs placed on ferries and countless tales of Americans and Canadians getting drugged or suffering medical issues from counterfeit booze at large all-inclusive resorts are all over the media these days and now this security alert. All this will eventually take a toll on interest in the area, if it hasn't already.

To see what Playa has evolved from since my first trip almost 20 years ago to today is truly amazing and also sad in many ways. I'll always love the area and continue to visit, but it makes me sad to see the same problems that have tarnished other Mexican resort areas finally make their way into Playa as well.
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