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Originally Posted by Jimmy-James View Post
Mexico has had a tourism PR problem for a LONG time, the high murder rate, the drug gangs, etc. But as fans of Playa and the entire region, we've always been able to say "Yeah, but that's contained to just the border cities and cities on the Western coast, Playa and the entire region are largely safe." Not anymore.

Shootings at the Blue Parrot and on 5th, bombs placed on ferries and countless tales of Americans and Canadians getting drugged or suffering medical issues from counterfeit booze at large all-inclusive resorts are all over the media these days and now this security alert. All this will eventually take a toll on interest in the area, if it hasn't already.

To see what Playa has evolved from since my first trip almost 20 years ago to today is truly amazing and also sad in many ways. I'll always love the area and continue to visit, but it makes me sad to see the same problems that have tarnished other Mexican resort areas finally make their way into Playa as well.
With all due respect, this is bullshit. You cannot take the few isolated incidents and create a scenario that Playa or the Riviera Maya is anything close to other areas of Mexico that you mention.

I have LIVED here (not just visited) for 15 years (celebrated this week) and feel as safe today as I did when I first moved here. Actually, with the new government in charge and its anti-corruption/crime campaign, I acually feel safer. And, I have a wife and two kids. I have choices. I could easily move to somewhere else in Mexico or back to the States but I know that this area is much safer than the vast majority of places that people visiting here come from. My interaction with organized crime is nil. The amount of times I have been a victim of a crime is nil. My house was broken into when I lived in Cancun some 18 years ago. The expericences of the people I work with and the over 500 students (mostly adult) who study here will mirror mine.

The sensationalism and panic come from outside this area. The people looking in from outside believe a few incidents make for an environment. Gangsters getting shot by other gangsters because they didn't pay their gangster dues would not even make the news in many parts of the world but let it happen here once and it is an international incident covered by a complicit media with vested interests in other travel destinations. Some kids drink too much, too fast and dive into a three foot pool, one on top of the other and the problem is not their bad judgement but the silly notion that a company with the reputation of Iberostar would give its guest tainted alcohol that might lead to someone's death. Parents can't accept their loss and need to blame. Media all over it because, well, it is Mexico and you know how it is. The ferry bomb, who knows. An explosive device with no shrapnel built into it was not meant to maim and kill. It was either a political message or an insurance scam. But, whatever, we are not talking Baltimore or Beirut or Miami here.

People walk the streets, eat in the restaurants, work, play in the park and go about their business like the did 5, 10, 15 and 20 years ago. Sure, things change. What hasn't? We have had cannibal murders, Mobbed-up Canadian businessman shot in his AI room, swine flu, Wilma (where we were actually under 10 feet of water accoriding to the news) and gotten through it all. What sucks is that people lose jobs over panic created by people who have no clue. To claim this area is anywhere close to those other areas you mention is just flat out wrong and disingenuous.

I know you have been around a while and no disrespect, but I ain't in the mood to hear the "20 years and my how things have changed" pitch today. The US government just ****ed our economy over something they don't even have the courtesy to explain.
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