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Funny thing about dad's charges: It was for $3,000 worth of therapy....must have been on screwed up person. LOL Wish I could remember the name of the doc and person who charged. I'll have to ask my dad to see if he remembers.
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Originally Posted by Bren
Here is just a tip that my whole family uses here in Canada and it works great abroad also. We never sign the back of our credit cards,in the space we write please ask for photo ID, This works amazingly well.
Since this can happen anywhere I was told by my banks fraud squad to do both sign it and write ask for ID after having my card cloned locally. If you don't sign it and it's stolen they can have a fake ID with your name on it and their picture and still use it. Harder to dispute the charge if they asked for an ID and were given one that matched. I'd say 99% of the cashiers do read that and ask for the ID. I have used my credit card all over Mexico and the Carribean over the past 25 years and ATM cards for the past 5. I make sure the card never leaves my sight and notify my banks of my travel plans. They called me last year to verify a charge from Washington state that hit while I was gone. It was mine (a catalog purchase made before I left but they didn't book the charge until after I left) but it was nice to know they were watching my account more closely while traveling.
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