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Old 07-07-2004   #46 (permalink)
way into it
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Another voice from the tundra!

I was in Playa during mid June just in time for the extended rainstorm. Not a problem! My ten year old daughter and I had a blast wading through the flooded streets and watching everybody else frolic in the rain from Hemmingways upper floor. I think that we Northerners come for the weather, but also appreciate the more laid back pace of life. We are so adept at cramming everything into our three-month summers, that relaxation is often an afterthought.

Although I couldn't live without skiing and hockey, I will always return to Playa to decompress. Even the rain is fun!
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I have lived in minnesota for 3 yrs. and the winters get on my nerves too... Im heading to playa in 40 days and I can not wait.. Are there any people from the twin cities area going to be down there aug 17-31st.. would like to hear from you. Hope everyone is having a great day. There is a rumor that the summer weather will return tomorow. lol I hate it when I have to open a calender to remind me what season it is.
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he likes it!
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We are ready for you to come back to Dallas chall101. How in the world you live in a place where it can get down in the 50's in July is beyond me. I think we should all move down to playa and give it a go.
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Old 07-07-2004   #49 (permalink)
way into it
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Minnesotans in Playa

Interesting to see the use of the forums and how they will effect how people decide where to vacation. 15 years ago Playa appeared to be mostly a European destination. A funky little pueblo with a pier and access to the ruins. Not the bread and butter of the American vacationer. Its greatest resource even before the beauty of the land and ocean was the local people. Much has changed over the years. It has faired well considering the rapid growth it has experienced. The forums have made the destination much more accessible.
That being said, one of my favorite things is to experience the activities of winter in northern MN one day and the contrast of tropical Playa the next. We continue to visit twice a year, and somtimes sneek in a long weekend. It is the perfect home base to explore the ruins and towns south to Chetumal.

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Old 07-08-2004   #50 (permalink)
party machine
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Wow, kind of weird to see this thread resurface...

My primary interest in Playa del Carmen is an escape from the brutal winters of Minnesota. This year I was lucky enough to board a flight out of Minneapolis/St. Paul where the actual temperature was -25F and land in Cancun where it was 80F. That's a whopping 100 degeree difference!! Also managed to miss two major snowstorms which made my winter season even more tolerable.

Wouldn't want to live in PDC year round but a summer trek to escape these nasty mosquitos would probably be pleasant. As for our current cool trend, it's not poolside weather but certainly nothing I'd complain about. I was lucky enough to escape the cool gloomy weather of mid-June with a trip to the sunny Pacific Northwest, so I probably see things a little different. Some humid tropical weather is slowly pushing our way, so the people complaining that it's too cold will soon be complaining that it's too hot. Unpredictable weather is typical Minnesota... I'm taking advantage of the cool weather this morning to run some RG8 Coax and Cat5 through the attic so I can finish a remodeling project. No complaints here!

Besides escaping the Minnesota weather, my other big reasons for visiting the Riviera Maya are the sun, sand, beaches, turquoise waters, cenotes, and of course the people who live and visit there. It really is a magical kind of place. Now if they could import some mountains from Puerto Vallarta and some jungle foliage from Costa Rica, it would be the perfect playground.

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into ruins
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Jimmy- I hear you on the complaining on "its too cold now and too hot tomorrow", I have MANY friends that feel that way....BUT....I am not that girl! I love it 100 and humid...I thrive on the weather in playa! I NEVER turn the AC on-no matter how hot it gets and right now even though it is 65 outside right now I have a heater on at my feet in my office! I have been to playa in the spring (April) early summer (June) and late summer(August and September) I have yet to have it rain any more than a sunshower while I am there and honestly...if it were that warm here all the time I would never leave. I will be leaving here before the next snowflake flies and I hope to never return. For crying out loud I drive a convertible and a motorcycle...why am I here?
I also agree on Playa being a magical place...I fall more in love with life every time I am there. The people are the most amaizing in the world! Last month when I was there we met a bartender at Bourbon Street on 5th Ave. He made us feel like he did not ever want us to leave and that has been my experience each time I have been there. I guess its easy to find friends in paradise! Minnesota winters make you can you stop and chat if you can't feel your face! It was 40 where I was for the 4th of July and I was in a down coat.
So if you know of anyone looking for a LARGE collection of winter clothes and coats please let me know~~LOL
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Like it hot

Beachkat - I'm with you. I love hot weather. I'm thinking of 3 to 4 weeks next year in Playa - probably in Feb. That's a great time to leave Minnesota and the weather is usually great in Playa at that time. Love the blues bands at Bourbon Street too. I've been invited to sit in with one of the bands next season. Should be fun.
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Old 07-08-2004   #53 (permalink)
way into it
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Yes- those Minnesota winters are pretty nasty! Personally I would have moved south long ago but all my family is in Minnesota. Darn family! But going to Playa in the winter keeps me sane- just wished I could stay longer than a week. Maybe next time
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Old 07-08-2004   #54 (permalink)
lost on fifth
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Minnesotans getting married in Playa

Myself & my fiance live in Uptown as well - it is a fabulous neighborhood. We will be in Playa on August 8th and will be getting married on the 13th. We are very excited!! I can't think of a better place to get married.

**We must thank Anna for all of her help with the condo, reception, etc. - All of your suggestions were wonderful - our wedding/honeymoon will be fabulous because of you! Thank you Anna!
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Old 07-08-2004   #55 (permalink)
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From MN and want to take the road trip of a lifetime? See my post "travel Companion"! I'm a Playa resident who has to spend some time here in the "Great White North" but I'm headed south at the end of the month.
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Old 07-09-2004   #56 (permalink)
into ruins
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Minnesota Users

We live in East Bethel just North of Blaine count us in...Going back to Playa for the third time THIS YEAR in July. got hooked on Playa five years ago...used to go to Puerto Vallarta.Not any more. Hope to by Property down there Soon
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way into it
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I live in Cottage Grove. I have been to Playa 9 times (7 times stayed there).
My husband and I love visiting Playa. It is so addictive. Our daughter who will turn 3 in September has been there when she was 11 months and 23 months. I think we started an
annual tradition of spending her Birthday in Playa! Would be nice to meet up with
us "Minnesotan's" sometime.
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Old 07-09-2004   #58 (permalink)
lost on fifth
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Hey everyone - I can't believe how many Minnesooootans we have on here! I just visited Playa for the first time in Feb., and now I will be going back to get married next Feb!! What a great place to visit! We stayed all-inclusive this year, and will for part of our trip next year (for some of our guests that have never been it's a little easier). Then we're off to stay in Playa (somewhere). I think everyone that comes to the wedding will be "okay" with leaving the -10 degree weather for some sun and fun!! Glad to see so many Vikings fans...
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Old 07-09-2004   #59 (permalink)
lost on fifth
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Hello all, NUBBS chiming in from good old Lino Lakes, MN, Home of the annual HayDays snowmobile grass drags!! We are traveling to PdC in Nov. this year (jump out of the deer stand and jump in the plane!!!!!) This is my 1st time to Mexico, I, too was a caribbean island hopper, BUT NO MORE!!!!! my wife has convinced me that Mexico is the way to go! She has been to Cancun & Mazatlan, so this time we chose PdC. We have reserved a condo at Villa Sacbe, #11 to be specific. We heard tyhat these are realatively new, and a good value for the money. I can't tell you how valuable this site has been, not only do you get great feed bakc from everyone, but you can score some great deals too! I scheduled a fishing charter through this site, and saved a ton!! We will arrive in Pdc on the 11th of Nov. and are staying until the 18th, we would love to get together with some fellow Minnepeople and tell lies over some adult bevies!! Again, thanks to everyone on the forum for all the great info!! Playa here we come.

p.s. anyone got and an aftermarket exhaust can for 2002 ski-doo mxz 800!!
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Old 07-09-2004   #60 (permalink)
lost on fifth
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Hey snowboarder, NUBBS here, re: the bar in St. Cloud, you wouldn't be speaking of my former place of employment The Red Carpet????? I was a senior mixologist/bouncer circa '89-93 (we made Playboys top ten in college party bars in 1991, #7 nationally, if i remember correctly!!)
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