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Caves and cenotes at Sacbe

Thought I'd start this one for people that follow progress at Sacbe. My brother-in-law Fred and I went down in December of 05, to clear my lot and found that the southwest corner of the lot is riddled with holes/caves. One was open down to about 10' but too narrow to get into. We were told to burn brush in the hole and that it would weaken the stone and be easier to break. So we did. When we left there were still hot coals in the bottom so we didn't get a chance to check it out.
When we returned in March I hired two young men, Claudio and Gary to work at digging out this cave. After a couple of days they hit solid rock at about 13', with only a very narrow shaft continuing on to one side. I gained alot of good topsoil for my vegetable gardens from the excavation though and before we'd left it looked as though Tohoku's were going to move in and nest, so it was well worth it.
We switched to another site that was filled to the top with dirt but appeared to have an opening that was 6 to 8 feet across. The guys hauled out rock the whole time we were there and I paid them to continue on for about two weeks. They got down quite a bit deeper on this one as you can see on the photos. In time I hope to open out more of this cave. It appears to be very large but as you can imagine hauling out that much dirt is a long, slow, somewhat expensive project. But the idea of an underground room for our house is just too cool to give up on, so we'll continue on when I get back. If you'd like to see the photos of the caves being cleared out go to this link,1%3af,0
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way into it
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Thats very interesting, thanks for sharing!
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Canada Dry
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But the idea of an underground room for our house is just too cool to give up on, so we'll continue on when I get back.
'Cool' in more ways than one too! It would be nice for sleeping when it is really hot.
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I've had the pleasure of swimming in some of the cenotes in sacbe and they are indeed beautiful. How fortunate for you. Good luck with your exploration.
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