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back from Playa after Wilma

Dear Steve,

it is Wednesday 26th at 8 pm and we are back and happy in Costa Rica after a 3 day Journey.

First off all thank you very much Steve and Delmy for all the great help you provided, really outstanding, we will highly recommend Playa Maya in the future.
We saw the pictures from the other guests who stayed at the same time as us in Playa Maya and the "Hurricane Hotel", Hello to all and we hope you had some fun playing in the sand and arrived home safely by now.
The Hotel Sahara was better than a shelter, a save building and the TV news crew stayed there as well during the Hurricane with us. So we got some good info from them every time they returned.

Unfortunately the owner of the Sahara Hotel is a real jerk (the total opposite of Playa Maya and itís staff), he took advantage of the situation during the hurricane and as nobody could leave the Hotel or Playa, he charged full price (US$120) per room and day, but no electricity, no water, no food, no phone, no room service at all, no outside window....beside most of the rooms where flooded as well. I tried to talk to him and could get a US$20 discount....
He also liked to show of and gave guest some wrong information as we found out later after we left him on Sunday 23rd.
Anyway, anybody reading the post, be aware of Hotel Sahara It looks like you do not need be trapped by a hurricane to be disappointed with this hotel... I guarantee, based on the way we saw how the owner is operating it. But feel free to check it out yourself.

So we left as said on Sunday 10 am with our rental car (thanks god we had one) south along the coast to Chetumal, than turned half way back inland after we found the first town with electricity called Felipe Carrillo S.. We could get gasoline and make phone calls. According to Copa Airlines our flight from last Friday 21st (unable to leave because of Wilma) was scheduled to leave tomorrow (on Monday 24th). So we drove to Merida to get a Hotel with electricity etc and to be closer to Cancun. Copa was fooling with us for 2 more days after we decided to buy new tickets and fly with Mexicana Airlines over Villahermosa to Mexico City and than to San JoseCosta Rica.
The way Copa Airlines handled everything, we decided to never again fly with them. (we imagined that they might do similar service in maintaining their aircrafts). Other airlines where much better aware of the situation as we found out during the hours we had spent at the airports within the 3 days. So no more Sahara Hotel and Copa Airlines for us.

But Playa Maya yes of course, if you donít know the place yet and you are not sure, just book it blind, you canít go wrong.

Thanks again.

Laura, Verena, Jogi
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