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I have children at Riu Tequila and have been on the phones and online trying to solve the mystery of how to get them home asap.

Here is what I've learned so far....

As of yesterday the procedure of having to get a voucher before heading to Cancun Airport was in effect (see my earlier post). This may continue today. It has not been decided yet. This pertained to everyone with confirmed flights - all airlines. It was put in effect so the Mexican authorities could manage who should go home first. Preference was supposedly given to Women and children and large tour groups. See the Mexican Airlines website.

Continental has 2 flights going out today to Houston only. (see Continental's site and hit Wilma information)

There are still horrible lines at the airport and people are no longer being sent to Merida SP? because there are already so many people there, few flights and very few hotel rooms, etc.

My children have chosen to stay at Riu Tequila where they were bussed to from a shelter in Cancun until Sunday when they have confirmed flights from Cancun Airport.

Continental and DElta had automatically changed their flights from the days and times that they were originally scheduled to come home to Sunday at the same times since they expect to be able to fly "semi-normally" on Sunday.

I hope this happens.

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