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So glad to hear you 3 made it back home all right! I just told Delmy last night I'd have to send you an email and see. We never could get that number to work, by the way: a message said it was blocked from receiving international calls. But I'm very happy indeed to hear that you're all safe and sound, even while sorry to hear of your reaction to the Sahara (the hotel we evacuated some of our guests to during teh hurricane). If it helps any, I believe we paid the same rates the guests did after their nights with us ran out (as in your case). However rest assured that we will be looking elsewhere next hurricane, as other guests felt that they were certainly safe but otherwise were not satisfied.

These poor folks -- a very nice family from Germany with a daughter with a nice liitle American English accent -- had to reschedule their original stay with us in July because of Hurricane Emily, then got through 9 or so of their 11 nights with us this time before hearing about Wilma. No wonder they think of us as "the hurricane hotel."

Also I'll try to get a message to James, there, if I run into him again, but rest assured he had no copmlaints. Indeed he was like me: looking around and seeing damage, of course, but perplexed as to the idea that we had been destroyed.

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