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Originally Posted by kiere
We are going in 11 days. They have just released an e-mail stating that they now have full electricity (air conditioning) and the pool and restaurants are fully open (except the one on the beach). I think they have a few first floor rooms that are being repaired but they seem to be in good shape otherwise. They did say that they had some flooding on the golf course but it is open again as of yesterday. They said that their beach didn't have any damage, but when it is all rocks how could it. Kidding.

They are supposed to be 100% functional by November 11th and they have had crews working days and nights. We hope to have a good time and I am sure we will.

Do you have any advice about the resort? Anything we shouldn't miss (or should).
It's been a while now but I did write a fairly detailed trip report back in 2003. Here it is:

My only real recommendations would be to rent a car and to say no to the "free" breakfast - unless you're so inclined to be badgered for hours to purchase a time share. After we said no at check-in - we were never bothered again. Not sure if that policy has changed?
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