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Old 02-21-2003   #16 (permalink)
way into it
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50F and sunny here in Chicago today. The weather has been springlike for the past three days. I WANT SOME SNOW! My poor Arctic Cat has been cooped up in the garage all winter...

Doodad, I wanna party with you, cowboy! You rock! Email me your avatar and I will optimize and host it for you, my east coast brutha.
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into ruins
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well you know what they say Dougie...Bleep 'em if they can't take a joke. I think we should do it..Denise too (she knows where the secret snorkleing place is) (whisper whisper)(grin) Just in case *was* Cuba, Ha! Seriously tho, I'm having nightmares now that there will be another big snowstorm again the day we're sposed to leave. Can you imagine missing a day of your Playa vacation cuz your stuck in the airport! Those poor people..I bet some of them were heading there. All I can say is, if you guys read in the newspapers Mar 28: "Snow crazed man steals plane...splashes down just off shore of Gran Porto Real and wipes out new pier..calmly strolls inside as crowds cheer!"'ll know who it is :lol:

And now we can add Pun to the party!.thanks for the avatar offer dood! I'll get that pic to you soon, I gotta go do some stuff right now for a bit...Later peeples! :P
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Old 02-21-2003   #18 (permalink)
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Too funny!!! :lol: Somehow deep down, I could see you doin it too...
My God, I am not sure PDC is ready to put us all together at the same time... Mind you...I could be the sane one that keeps you animals in check.. :wink: :wink: Ya, throw Pun in there, maybe the Cuz, and a couple of other regulars off here that are as nuts as you guys :roll: (darn, where did I set my halo), and PDC would never be the same...mind you they already have James... :P Well Pun, if I could, I would send you just a bit of what I am just going to go get rid of with the snowblower...I've had enough :evil: I surrender....please hold the cold...
Oh and Doodad, Cuba was totally unreal....even better than last year!! It is a beautiful place...the only downfall to it, is that the food is not spiced much. They say it is the European influence, but not sure about that...Sure isn't Mexican cuisine though...Looking so forward to that in PDC. It appears Yucatan foods are even slightly different than what I am used to on the other coast.
Long post huh???Trying to delay shovelling....whine whine snivel
Well, better get at it before the war dept. gets home..ooops did I say that???
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Nutty Peep
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Originally posted by "dougie46"

Sure isn't Mexican cuisine though...Looking so forward to that in PDC. It appears Yucatan foods are even slightly different than what I am used to on the other coast.
Completely different from coast to coast, the use of different spices and way of preparing the meals. Also the chile habanero is mostly used in yucatecan cuisine over other kinds of chile. Only in the Yucatan area is Achiote used (the flavoring/coloring spice used in Cochinita pibil). Purple onion to put on you cochinita is a yucatecan specialty. The tamales are made in a completely different way and size. Etc.

Buen provecho, again... Hmmmm I got hungry, need to go down to the kitchen very soon and fix me some food, althought not yucatecan tonight.
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