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Old 11-14-2006   #1 (permalink)
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We survived Immigration for one more year!

Today is a happy day for us! After only three trips to Immigration and three hours today, We received our FM3 renewal!!!!!!!
We jumped through all of the right hoops and had all of the right paperwork! We were approved!! We can stay!!
Having our dear friend and Spanish teacher Gloria (GloriaGloria on this forum- she just joined- please go "meet" her over in the Introductions section) with us for two of those trips helped tremendously. Gracias, Gloria.
We were pleasantly surprised today to be asked to participate in a survey about our experiences and overall opinion of Immigration. The surveyer asked us (in English) many questions and we were happy to answer them. She told us that the new President- Calderon- wanted to make some changes and improve Immigration offices throughout the country.
We also want to recommend that before you get in line to get any forms that you may need- go directly to the man at the photo/copy shop. Tell him what you want done. He will sell you the forms eliminating your waiting in line just for the forms.
He will help you fill them out, he will write your letters, he will take your pictures, he will make your copies and he will tell you exactly which documents you need. He is worth the price.
We did not use him when we "registered" our address and we wish we had. He made this renewal procedure a breeze compared to the registration.
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crab killer
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YAY!! Great News....Congratulations..
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Congrats Kittie..tell Randy I said hello!
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Licence to kill
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Great News, indeed! Congrats and see ya soon.
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That's really good information!! Thanks and congrats!!!
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Old 11-16-2006   #7 (permalink)
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Congratulations you two....a girlfriend of mine from Maine met you there and said what lovely people you are....I already knew that!
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Old 11-17-2006   #8 (permalink)
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Kittie, thank you, thank you, thank you! Bill and I need to renew our FM3s shortly after our arrival in January, and I'm delighted to hear that guy who does the photos can help so much. That is excellent and we will see him first for sure!

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The nice man outside was so helpful when he told me you couldn't download the SAT-5s of the Internet and use Photoshop to fill them instead of having to pay for his typewriting expertise after buying three specimens from a stationer...
However, I opted for the former and both the bank and Immigration said it was fine. Funny, that, and also saved him from sprouting a few more calluses.

By the way, I find all the staff at the Playa del Carmen's Inmigracion offices absolutely delightful, glad to assist bewildered people in several languages and utterly efficient.
I told them that myself when I popped in for a cuppa, a chinwag and to check up on my FM3's progress.
I also reminded them on how helpful they were on that time someone asked me to take certain documents only for the next clerk to point out they were the wrong'uns to bring and, after I enquired why I had been asked for that specific paperwork by one of his co-workers he replied, "Those are the documents you need should you be seeking a negative outcome". Just imagine how much further delay I'd have sustained were it not for the sharp mind and eye of this outstanding public servant? And who will dare besmirch the alertness of these guardians of Mexico's hallow boundaries? I, for one, would never sink so low!

Oh, and they're so tall and handsome behind their counter, too!!! Not that there's anything wrong with being short, of course...

Also, will the international readership out there please note (in case there's nobody in there helpful enough to translate the Spanish-only signs and flipcharty makeshiftish adaptations that pop up regularly inside the Inquisi... sorry, Immigration offices) that you can't sign using a false signature (??!!), wear shorts or sleeveless shirts in there. Too damned right, after all formal wear is what Playa's all about...

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