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Please helkp with coba questions!

Hi, I will eb taking a cruise to Playa and I want to go to Coba. My plan is to pay for a couple vans for a group I have going 6-8 people to Coba. We don't have the 13 hours for a whole day trip with a few stops so i consider this a feasible option. A couple people in the group said they heard the road ends and you have to walk 5miles to get to to ruins after you get dropped, is that true? Also, is it violent or unsafe to charter our own transportation from Playa to Coba? Please, anyone who has gone there or has knowledge of the taxi or shuttle service please ring in. Even if youre telling me its not worth the trip. Thanks in advance!
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We'll be going to Coba too. Use the search function to get the most info, I know I've posted questions about Coba as well.

Also, I'm not sure where you heard it is a five mile walk to the site from where you get dropped off!

The parking lot is right in front of the ruins, but the ruin site is pretty expansive and does require a lot of walking, but you can rent bikes or something similar to get around.

Never been there, but I can't wait, I wouldn't worry about getting there as the problem, its leaving that's the problem!
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If you click on "contact us" at the bottom of the page, I'm sure this website can set you up with a private group tour of Coba for whatever time frame you have available (assuming it's ENOUGH time to get there, see the ruins, and get back!). You can rest assured that they will do everything right for you.

In your circumstances, with limited time, coming in on a ship, and not being knowledgeable about your destination, I would NOT try setting this up on your own!

EDIT: And it is VERY much worth the trip, especially so if you let James and Anna set it up for you, so that everything falls into place perfectly.
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Originally Posted by erronr View Post
We don't have the 13 hours for a whole day trip with a few stops so i consider this a feasible option.
How much time do you have?

According to information elsewhere on the site, Coba is about 100km from Playa del Carmen. So you have to consider the driving time into your equation.

If you only have a few hours, you may want to reconsider your choice of excursion.

But if you can make it, Coba is a great place to visit. It features the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan (which you can still climb). It also has two ball courts, one of which has only been half restored so you get to see how things looked when they first discovered the site which is kind of cool.

Hope this helps
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way into it
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You should be able to get a van for 8 people for about $210 from this website. They can take you to Coba and stop along the way if you like. We did this in April and it worked out great. The van ride is about 1 1/2 hours to Coba. You need a good 2 hours to walk to the laregest Pyramid to climb, more if you want to stop at all the other places contained within Coba. You can also have the van driver stop for water, pop, beer, or whatever you want. I would also buy a cheap cooler or bring one with you. If you have time, I would then stop at a cenote. Either Gran Cenote or Crystalino. You will not be disappointed. Just remember to bring your swimsuit.
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lost on fifth
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We were in Coba last week. Our family of four drove and had no problems with roads or directions. The 1.5 hrs sounds like a good estimate on drive time.

Also, we used the onsite bike taxi's for touring the area since it was hot. The drivers were very good at providing information on the site. We spent a total of 2 hours there, about as much as my kids could handle.

Options for return are to stop at Grand Cenote for a very nice dip in this incredible place or to go to Tulum beaches. I definetly think its worth the trip.

If uncomfortable with doing the tour on your own, the tours offered here are supposed to be great.
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Originally Posted by texmexPam View Post

If uncomfortable with doing the tour on your own, the tours offered here are supposed to be great.
The tours offered on here ARE great. We've been on two, Coba and Tulum and loved them both. Unfortunatley they probably do not coincide with your time peramiters as they leave PDC at about 7:30AM and get you back about 5, though as someone said, it is possible that James and Anna could set you up with something else.

To clear up the 5 mile walk, the ADO bus to Valladolid does drop you off with a long hike to the ruins (my friends did it, they are now divorced), but a taxi or van can get you right to the entrance.
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top babe
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We can certainly help you arrange a day trip to wherever you want to go. We'll help you decide on a good itinerary too. We can arrange the transportation if you want to go on your own, or we can arrange a private tour with a guide and everything included if you prefer that. Click here to find a form where you can request a quote. The more information you give us the better. Like how many people, what you're interested in, what time you want to be picked up and dropped off etc. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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If your going to be pressed for time, rent the bikes-even if your not pressed for time, rent the bikes. We didn't and felt like we'd only seen a sliver of the site-by the time you walk to the main pyramid and back, we were pretty much ruined out.
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into ruins
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Coba is fantastic and if you chartered a trip there you would be dropped off at the Parking lot entrance like everyone else, I'm sure that could be arranged. I would contact one of the reputable tour operators and ask if you can put together a customized trip for your group, that would probably be the easiest and safest way to go (if not the least expensive, however). I'm not sure where the bus drops you off but any guide book to the area should include that information.

What your source might have meant is that Coba is a huge site and there is a LOT of walking to see all the different areas. We took the advice to rent a bicycle and even that was exhausting but a lot easier than walking and really fun. If that's too active for some members of your group, you can rent a bicycle taxi either at the front, or by the Nonoch Mul (big temple) area.

The drive isn't too bad - we made it in about 40 minutes from Tulum (which is about 40 minutes from Playa Del Carmen) and the road is really good until the last few miles.
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