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Old 07-21-2007   #31 (permalink)
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I actually like to help Mrs D srapbook our trips. We relive the trip many times this way.
Cooking, the BBQ and smoker are my expertise but I am getting way into good mexican and yucatan food.
Collecting sports memrobilia is one I do some. Above the computer hangs a signed Steve Largent jersey and on top of the computer desk is a signed Dave Krieg football. Have over 500 signed cards and around 100 signed 8x10's. The 8x10's are a mix of sports and non sports pics.
Gardening, fishing are a couple more hobbies. I never have enough time to do all of the fishing I want to do tho. One I would like to get into is rockhounding. After watching it on tv it looks like a fun way to get away and do some digging in the dirt.
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Originally Posted by ElvisP View Post
Mine have been nothing but a waste of cash. First I started flying RC planes, crashed a few. Then moved up to helicopters, that was worse. Lost the nerve to fly them after the first crash. I have a collection of them in the garage accumulating dust. Time for a yard sale. Had fun building them and learned a lot about aviation tho. The depreciation rate of this things is really bad. Just like tvs or computers.

Now, I rock climb once in a while. Not too bad after you have the basic gear.
I started with control line airplanes, moved to Radio control and then to the real thing! Never crashed the real ones...although some of my passengers might claim my landings were near death experiences!
My hobby is now my avatar. Expensive? There is such a thing as a Cobra tax...every part you buy is at least $100 bucks! But well worth every penny!
That is when I am not quelling riots, overthrowing governments, taming tigers or conquering virgins!
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Need I say more. Like this comes as a surprise to anybody. I have well over 1,400 Hard Rock Cafe pins in my collection, and the number grows every week. Many of them thanks to people who kindly offer to shop for me at HRC's they visit. It's against company policy to sell mail order. A good number of those helpful folks are Peeps on this forum, and I truly appreciate their assistance.

Expensive? You bet. These pins run in the $10 to $15 each range for North American cafes, generally somewhat more for Asian pins, and in the $20 area for most European stuff. And yes, I carry a special insurance rider for my collection.

Make a buck at it? Sort of, but not really. From time to time I end up with a duplicate, or I'll have a proxy shopper pick up some extras for me. I have about 200 - 300 "traders" in my pinventory at any given time. I will sometimes list my spares on E-bay, but the "profit" on each pin doesn't generally run more than a couple of dollars a pin. I much prefer to trade anyway, and there's a whole network of traders around the world who make good use of the Internet to make contacts.

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crab killer
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My hobbies have gone by the wayside since I had kids...

Well is shopping a hobby? Internet? Planning trips?
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My hobby seems to be collecting sports equipment. I have years worth of hockey equipment smelling up the garage, lacrosse equipment, old footballs, inline skates, tennis racquets, baseball stuff, snorkel gear, whiffle balls, running shoes, swimming goggles, golf clubs, swim trunks, volleyballs, rolls and rolls of athletic tape, cleats of various sports, jerseys, hiking equipment, camping equipment, fishing equipment, hunting equipment, dumbells, yoga mats, fitness balls, etc, etc.

My new toy: my first road bike (bicycle). From everyone I've talked to, it's a money pit. But the rewards can far outweigh the costs if you make it happen.

Three buddies and I all bought bikes together and plan to start doing some long rides and checking out the countryside wherever (more importantly, whenever) we can.

I just love being outdoors, and sports help me do so on many different levels.
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Allah Akhbar
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In the near future I'm going to be planting some roses out in Softies garden.
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Originally Posted by roni View Post
Mine are smoking meat and investing.

Overall, they are profitable and someday I would like to be a guest smoker 3 or 4 days a week at restaurants that do not usually do bar-b-q. Each would have one day a week when they had guest smokers cook up ribs or pork or brisket.

I think it would be a draw. As a guest smoker, one would avoid a lot of costs yet have a lot of fun.

Fantasy, I know - maybe I Pueblo Sacbe some day. Are there any carnivores out there?
Plenty of carnivores there- I've often thought someone could do well in the area if they did barbeque
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Watching them, following them...and most of all, playing them. I play on several softball teams in the spring, summer, fall. Play flag football in the fall. Basketball in the winter. Running is fun. Thinking about some triathalons in the near future, but I don't own a bike yet. Fishing is fun, camping is great. Traveling is awesome.

Redoing my basement might be my most recent hobby..not good at it yet, but hopefully it will pay for itself when I sell it!
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Canada Dry
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Hmmmm....reading and watching movies, gardening, I curl in the winter and play recreational slow pitch in the summer....we like to take our boat and go fishing a lot of weekends to lakes around here too.

Don likes fishing, hunting, golfing and he plays competitive ball and rec hockey (although at 44 he is getting a little long in the tooth for both ball and hockey- it's tough on his old bones). He goes ice fishing but I don't - way too cold to be 'fun' IMO.

We also both like to work out in our gym at home and go for lots of walks and bike rides in the summer.

So, zippo on the money making hobbies! All our hobbies do is COST us money.

Although, I have done landscaping design plans for $200 for three of my friends, but that is more a labour of love.
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Hobbies not necssarily in order:
gardening ...growing roses, veggies and herbs. Helping friends with landscaping.
riding my bicycle...I am the proud owner of a newly purchased hybrid mountain bike.
camping...hooked on it!
Trout fishing; lake or river...preferably bait but will tolerate lures.
making jewelry for friends: silver, glass beads, semi-precious stones.
cooking and baking
photography....don't even come close to being an amateur but the digital age has set me free!
Drinking cheap beer
Sipping fine tequila
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I'm a scrapbooker and stamper in my "free" time. It can get expensive because I tend to buy all the new products and then I don't want to "waste" I hoard stuff. BUT, when I do get down to work, I love it. I do have a little business of doing it for others by request. I just can't take on too much since it's all done by hand. I try to do at least something every day...even if it's just organizing my stuff. It is a wonderful feeling to have something I really enjoy (besides my awesome little dude of a son!!!).
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My main hobby is playing Golf. When I can’t play I watch Golf on TV. I also enjoy trading on eBay……………….mostly Golf stuff.
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gotta have it
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Guitar- Not at all accomplished, I taught myself mostly with some lessons and started about eight years ago. I love music and have many friends who are musicians so they encourage me and on Monday nights we get together and jam.

Cooking- I love it and find it very gratifying when a dish turns out good- wish I had more time to dedicate to it.

Gardening- I have a couple of raised beds on some rock outcroppings in my backyard- one is a veggie garden (which is giving me some good returns this year) and the other an herb garden. Next summer I am going to complete a third which will be for flowers.

Golf- I've been playing since I was five, passed on by my father and it's now in my blood. Again, I wish I could play more.

Travel- I LOVE to travel- there's so much out there I want to see and have not so far

I have two goals in terms of new hobbies I want to become involved in, or actually re-involved. One is acting- back in the day I used to act a lot- I had most of the leads in plays in high school and college and won some awards but didn't pursue it because I also have epilepsy- not too much demand for a stage actor who has a seizure in the middle of opening night But I am now five years seizure free (knock on wood) so it may be time to get back in the game.

The other is charity/voulenteer work- I have done some work sporadically, but I'd like to establish my own foundation (my friend Garrett already did this up in Boston giving me a roadmap on how to do so) and then throw events that combine many of my passions for a good cause- music, cooking, etc.
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Artist Trading Cards, little 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 works of "art". I collage them, stamp them, texture them, paint them, do all kinds of weird stuff I call 'art'. I trade them online world wide and have a really ecclectic collection. They are like baseball trading cards but you make them yourself. Only rule is you can't sell them, they have to be traded. Some cost me absolutely nothing cause I use recycled 'stuff' and others might cost me $5 or so to make. It's the postage that's killing me.
Love photography as well so have been incorporating that into my cards as well.
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Old time thread - things sure have changed.
Roni mentioned in another thread how all of us old timers know a little bit about each other.
Hope you will participate -

My latest hobbies/pastimes

Mosaic (making)
and Kayaking - My latest, I got a small one for valentines day. (we live on a lake now that feeds to the river)
Taking junk furniture /refinishing/repurpose
Herb gardening
Hanging out /walking my dogs.
Reading and playing various games on my ipad. (Mexican Train is my fav)

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