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I heard Terry Gross interview the authors of this book yesterday:
With allies like Pakistan, who needs enemies?
The authors of "Deception" are award-winning British investigative journalists who make it abundantly clear that Pakistan has done more to spread nuclear weapons to America's enemies than any other nation. They relate how our Middle East ally, while supposedly aiding our war on terror, has sold nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran, and Libya. Not only was the United States aware of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program and its proliferation, but, the authors say, our taxpayer dollars likely helped to fund the fiasco.
Hiding in plain sight: Pakistan and nuclear proliferation - The Boston Globe

To hear the interview just click listen to Wednesday's show here:NPR : Fresh Air from WHYY for Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2007

Very dangerous situation in Pakistan.
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Originally Posted by Jacko View Post
I tend to agree with your earlier comment..let the Pakistani's decide and stay out of it as much as possible....but for me though, its a matter of timing and perhaps its far too late to take this type of position given our past history and present conditions.

While of course I have preferences toward a more democratic process and I detest what Musharuff has done recently, I have concerns with Bhutto and how she handled the Taliban when she was in power...and, I do not like this instability while we have 160,000 troops so close by, are fighting a war on two obscure "fronts" and with our current leader in power who I believe is not particularly adept at foreign policy...I believe we could be tempted easily to enter the fray directly...either in Iran or Pakistan...and I don't like either possibility!

Its a deterioratinig mess with few good options I am afraid....
I can see your point of veiw Jacko. And it doesn't do it any better for the Pakistanies.
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Bhutto rejects new interim cabinet

"We are are creating history because I think never has Pakistan seen such a smooth transition of government," Musharraf said after the official ceremony. "The ex-prime minister is sitting right in front of us. Never has such a smooth transition taken place before."
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