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Kreesi was 12, Ranger, but had many illnesses. She was epileptic and had to take quite a bit of meds for that and they weren't good for her liver. She had bouts of severe back problems as well. She also was a food theif and garbage gut so that aggravated matters. She had become quite bloated in her last days at Sacbe. In retrospect I think the liver, gall bladder and pancreas were all inflamed. The doc said she had cerrosis (sp?) of the liver. The good side of it is she suffered very little. Mostly slept alot those last 10 days. She was very sweet (in her own domineering way) and we miss her terribly. She truly loved her time at Sacbe, stealing food dropped at weenie roasts and prowling through the brush. I'll post a photo of her little burial site outside our back bedroom door when I get back home. Thanks for the nice thoughts all.
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So sad to hear/read of the loss of your little weiner dog. We have one also, and they are loyal and faithful pets. Ours is 7. I have proclaimed "no more table scraps for the dog" at our house. To keep her exercising, we have a new smaller dog I found in the alley. It is a Chihuahua and very tiny. They love to roll and chase each other. I am so glad we are easily entertained. Some day when I get to Mexico, i will sit on the porch of my Palapa and watch the dogs frolic. What a life.
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What a cutie. Rest in peace sweet little Kressie.
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Originally Posted by flowerBill View Post
Here it is the wonder machine. Had a few more in it this AM when I left home. Will report numbers again tomorrow.
Found this link interesting.
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