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How to organize a Peep Meet

How to organize a Peep Meet

There are questions posted on the forum pretty much every day from folks who are going to be in Playa, and want to hook up with other folks for some socializing and to get acquainted. “Going to be in town June 12 - 16, anybody want to get together for a drink?”, “Anything going on where we can meet some people during our stay in mid March?”etc.

The often-mentioned “Peep Meet” could well be your answer.

And there’s nothing to creating one. In short, “Build it...they will come.” There’s no licencing body, no committee approval process, no name badges, no environmental impact study to file, no parade permit, no admission charge, no theme necessary, no expectations, no dress code, no deposit, no return, no financial commitment, no nothing.

All it takes is for somebody to show a little leadership.

1. Pick a date. Most of these get togethers take place in the evening. Peeps on vacation generally spend the day on the beach, grab some dinner, then look to head out for some socializing. 8 - 9 seem to be popular kick offs, but remember folks are on holiday, and a lot of them don’t even wear a watch, so don’t forget you’re dealing with “Mexican time.” Some of the potential venues feature entertainment some days of the week, so bear that in mind.

2. Pick a place. Any of the local watering holes will do. Some of the more popular ones are Bad Boyz, the Tequila Barrel, La Rana, the Beer Bucket, El Pirata, Fushion, Pinche Gringos, though this is very much a moving target and places do come and go. Remember, some of these bars are quite small, and if you get more than a handful of Peeps showing up, in addition to their regular customers, you may well spill out into the street, or not have much in the way of available seating, but who cares? If a traffic congestion situation results, The Men In The Shiny Buttons will show up and ask you to leave enough room for the taxis to get by. No biggie. If your Peep Meet strikes a responsive chord, and it looks like you’re going to attract a sizeable crowd, you might consider finding a way to let the establishment know they can expect an influx of patrons so that they might put on an additional bartender or server. We actually drank the Beer Bucket out of beer at one event.

You may decide to undertake something a bit more ambitious, like a group dinner. They're certainly do-able. There have been numerous planned dining experiences at some popular eateries around town. La Pesca, El Fogon, H.C Monterey, the rib or prime rib nights at Manne's Biergarten to name a few. These, of course, will require a bit more planning and preparation. Depending on the size of the group you anticipate, some warning to the establishment may well be a necessity. The functions at Manne's, for instance, are always well attended, and your hosts will certainly need advance notice. For any group of more than a handful, it's likely a good idea to determine if reservations can be made. Once again, however, be prepared for the inevitable no shows. While people are more likely to put forth the extra effort to make it to a dinner date than they are for a few drinks, you know what the road to Hell is paved with.

3. Start a thread indicating when and where. Put in some details as far as location/address of your meeting place goes. Remind folks that Nerak beads are a good way for Peeps to identify each other, and they’re readily available - check any of her posts for a link on how you can get yours. You’ll want to post updates from time to time, just to bump up your thread so that it stays on the first page and Peeps will see it.

Voila!! A Peep Meet has been created. That wasn't so tough, was it? Now, for the most important part.....

4. Show up and enjoy yourself. Remember, not everybody is going to make an appearance as they indicate they will. It sounds like a great idea to say you’ll be there when you’re sitting at your computer in Minneapolis at half-past February, but things are always subject to change. Too much sun on the beach this afternoon. Trashed after a day on the catamaran. Still hung over from last night. Day trip to Cozumel really wiped me out. Peep Meet....was that today? Is this Tuesday? After that questionable ceviche yesterday, I’m not getting far from the john, etc..

And another thing, it doesn’t have to be a structured, pre-planned event for a great experience to take place. A bunch of like-minded folks who just happen to end up at the same bar, at the same time, without any expectations or pre-conceived notions, is pretty much a recipe for a good time.

Oh, and by the way, the process would be pretty much the same if your Peep Meet takes place in Playa del Carmen, or Chicago, or Denver, or Winnipeg, or anywhere some Playa friends want to get together.

Build it, they will come.

So, enjoy yourself. Organized Peep Meet, or casual encounter. It’s all good.

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a pristine, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally used up and worn out, shouting "Holy Shit...what a ride!!"

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I have organized two, one in Playa, one in Madison, WI. I met you and Jacko and his wife and a lot of a bunch of peeps from Oregon at the one in Playa.
The one in Madison, while less attended, was also sucessful. The six of us spent a beautiful afternoon at the Union Terrace overlooking Lake Mendota talking about, what else????

Set a date and a place and they will come!
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How do you start a thread ?
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Originally Posted by AndrewC9876 View Post
How do you start a thread ?
Click on Forum Jump.
Click on the forum you want the thread in.
Click on New Thread.
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