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Old 07-26-2008   #1 (permalink)
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New to the forum, not to Playa

Hi guys, we are leaving this Wed for our third time to Playa , I have always used the forum for my trip info as it has been soooo helpful. Just couldn't figure out how to get in and say something. I think I have figured it out now. We are staying at the Mimi Del Mar on the beach this time and really looking forward to another wonderful stay in Playa. Travelling without our twin boys (now21) this time. Gonna be a bit tuff as they always bring out the adventure in us, and now we have to grow up and do it on our own. I will keep reading, and now that I know how to say something, I just might. Love you guys, thanks for all the past and present info.
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Welcome to the neighborhood! You are going to have a great time without the boys!

My wife and I so enjoy our Playa time gets us back to holding hands again on long and wonderful beach walks...
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Thanx Jacko, I hear ya, but it's like anything when it's new, it's just weird. I did book the Zipline/Cenote thing at Hidden Worlds so that will get us going for sure. You just can't go wrong in Playa, and I am watching for a peep meet while we are there too. It would be fun to meet some other Playa lovers.
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way into it
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WELCOME!! Have a great trip! Look forward to hearing from you when you return.
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Old 08-03-2008   #6 (permalink)
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WELCOME!!! Would love to hear about your stay at Mimi Del Mar when you return.
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Old 08-07-2008   #7 (permalink)
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Just returned from Playa yesterday. The Mimi Del Mar was good, yes I would say, very good. At first glance I was not sure as it is small, and minimal. Once we relaxed and put our 'Mexican hat's' on, it was perfect. And yes, I would recommend it, but I might say to the newbie to Playa who does not know what to expect and is looking for the Holiday Inn or Hilton, or the princess type, it would not be for them. The location was perfect. The A/C worked well and the water pressure rocked! It's only a few blocks from the Ado station, which is great as we took that in from the airport and took a day trip to Isla Mujeres by the Ado/taxi/ferry. We walked from one end of 5th Ave. to the other everyday, sometimes multiple times, and we still felt we had the best location. Right on the beach! We had use of the Sombre unbrellas and were waited on for drinks and such, but not pressured if we did not want any. Do just want to add that it is not soundproof! If you go in for a nap and kids are playing at the little pool, you will hear them and darn near feel you are in swimming with them. My theory on that, is if you are not tired enough to sleep through it, you are not tired enough for a nap! You need to get your but up and go snorkel in some cenotes, or skycyle at Hidden Worlds, or go ride an ATV through the jungle, or snorkel at Cozumel or Isla Mujeres, or day trip to Tulum or Akumel and swim with the turtles. You get the picture. Well I have laundry to do, so will add more later, and maybe even some pics. Once again a beautiful trip. And since they tore down my last beach boutique style hotel (The Blue Beach Hotel) the MDM is my choice for beach location. $90 a night was a good price I thought, especially with a bit of a stove which we just heated up paella on, but nothing major. My other choice is on 5th Ave. which is the Posada Freud. Stayed there before but they have newly remodelled and it looks great. Not sure if their prices went up with the remodel either though. But worth checking.
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AC- thanks for the report... I've always liked Mimi del Mar as I walked past on the beach..nice to know!
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