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Old 10-18-2008   #1 (permalink)
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$$ Save your 5's $$

I'm drinking my coffee watching the morning news this a.m. and the local news is doing a story on a women who is saving her " 5's " Hmmm.....who doesn't want to save a few bucks... for another trip to Playa, a gift for yourself, what ever it may be! So I look in my wallet, a "5"! I'm going to try this, right now, see how much I can save without really thinking about it!

Here's a link to the news story........

Video - Breaking News Videos from ABC13.COM - Houston News

and some helpful tips!

$aving My $5’s!”
Marilyn’s Financial Challenge!

Welcome to the “$aving My $5’s!” Financial Campaign! Marilyn strongly believes that SIMPLE SAVINGS is the way to financial empowerment! She’s determined to build a program that will inspire consumers to RESPECT money and gain over $1,200 in ONE “$aving My $5’s!”.
Here are the 5 Golden Rules to
$aving My $5’s!”

GOT A $5 in your pocket? SAVE IT!
KEEP YOUR $5’s in a handy container or favorite jar and watch your money grow!
JOIN IN! Get your friends, family and coworkers to save their $5’s too!
HAVE A GOAL! What do you want to do with your $5’s? Write it down!
START RIGHT NOW, SAVE FOR A YEAR! Count all your $5’s and celebrate!
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I think this is a great idea. I am going to give it a try starting today.
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Every two weeks I have 20 5's taken out of my paycheck for our Playa vacation.
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Does it work with pennies?
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Canada Dry
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Originally Posted by Bluespicker View Post
Every two weeks I have 20 5's taken out of my paycheck for our Playa vacation.

Me too! About that much goes into a 'savings account' money market fund attached to my pension. Pay yourself first.
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Great story Linda!

I do something similar for vacations:

Take an envelope (just made ours last night for Playa 2009) I take the amount we need for the whole vacation (air, hotel, spending) and divide by the number of weeks we have to go, and we put that amount in every week
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I do kind of do the same thing. For awhile now, I do not use my change when I get it (usually) and when I get home it goes into a ziplock. It's really amazing how quarters add up pretty fast! I also recently decided to take a 10 every payday and stick it in a old wallet (a playa wallet as a matter of fact ) and see how that goes. If it's in the bank, I'll use it. So far, once I put the 10 in there on payday, I have forgotten about the cash. With this economy, we'll see how long it lasts!!!
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