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Celebrate September with Carboncitos

We’re celebrating Mexico’s Independence! Here are a few of our sumptuous goodies for the duration of September:

“Make it a double”. Enjoy any of our house specialty drinks (margaritas, mojitos, pina coladas, daiquiris, etc) in our super jumbo glass and we’ll double-size the booze and everything for only an additional $20 pesos.

Cubetazo Mania! Enjoy a bucket of 6 beers (Sol, Corona, Dos XX, Dos XX Amber – mix-n-match) for only $120 pesos! That’s only $20 pesos a bottle!

Pozole, Pozole, Pozole!!
This traditional guajillo pepper / tomato soup is what warriors throughout Mexico’s history have enjoyed prior to going into battle. Loaded with shredded pork and hominy – you get to garnish to your liking with avocado, lettuce, onions, radishes and Mexican oregano – this is sure to make you “combat ready!” Available in two sizes and with chicken if you prefer. -- Appetizer - $35 Pesos -- Dinner Size - $65 Pesos –


Mole’ Mole’ Mole’!!!!

We perfected our Oaxacan Red Mole’ just in time for the celebrations and guests say it’s “the best ever!” “It’s so refreshingly tasty it “skittles” across your taste buds!”
Enjoy plump and juicy chicken on the bone with white rice and black beans. Only $100 pesos

OR . . . .Go for Enchiladas! Tender shredded chicken rolled in warm fresh tortillas and topped with MOLE’! Served with white rice and black beans. $90 Pesos

Camarones al Tequila
Taste what people have been writing about. With only 7 ingredients, this light summer dish has become an instant hit with our regulars. Served with white rice, guacamole, and flour tortillas – this is a perfect combination - AND VEGETARIAN! $129 Pesos

We feel desserts are always too big and expensive, so we’ve created a junior-sized dessert that perfectly hits the spot. A cinnamon and sugar “candied” tortilla “bowl” is filled with rich vanilla ice cream and topped with our special Kahlua – coffee – chocolate sauce. Only $25 Pesos! (Complimentary with dinner specials)

Fourth Street between Fifth and Tenth Avenues
(984) 873-1382

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Que rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrico!!!!!!! and I thought I was not hungry, and I thought I was not a mole person, and also had the dumb idea that I could go on a diet
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way into it
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MMMMMMMMM!!!!! see you soon Russel!!
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So when is the smell-a-plate plugin going to be installed on the site...I could realllllllyyyy use it now!!!!!

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I'm so excited!!! I have been telling my hubby about the Tequila shrimp ever since you gave me a sampling this past summer. We'll be there in two weeks and you will be one of our first stops!

Plus, we will need to drop off more goodies and aspirin for Angel Notion. Thank you for continuing to make that easy for us to do!

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Wow Russell!!!.....after seeing these photos & prices....I must get out of my "taco rut" at Carboncitos!! I love, love, love your tacos!!!

Sorry I missed you while I was in town!!....but I did enjoy your restaurant 3 times. I love your staff! They love to help me with my bad Spanish! They really make me work for my meal, ha,ha!!

I had no internet for a week while in town & went to the place next door. The guys were always so nice about me using the restroom! I feel so welcome when I'm on my own! They are so warm!

See you in October!

P.S. I bring more 81mg aspirin too. I love businesses that are community supporters!

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YUM!!!!! got any specials going on in Oct?????
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That is some good looking food!
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