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Jungle Place-Monkey Place

Just got back from Playa. One of the highlights of the trip was going to the Jungle Place. It's a Spider Monkey sanctuary, located in Chemuyil. Awfully hard to find the place!

If you go, don't use mosquito repellent! We made the mistake of using some before we got there. That stopped us from being able to go inside the cages and interracting with them.

These guys (Heidi-Joel) live and breathe monkeys. Everything they do is for the monkeys. They won't leave them alone, period. At the present time they have 2 babies. One with the Mom, and the other lives in the main house wrapped around someone's neck. They are handfed baby formula just like a human baby. And in this case shown the same amount of love also. It's truly an amazing place!

They have 40 ft tall playrooms. With ropes, branches, and all sorts of toys to play with. Off the tall playrooms are interconnecting 'runs' that stretch a couple hundred feet in different directions.

They have actually had a wild monkey come in and 'volunteer' to enter the compound on his own free will. Presently there are 8 Spider Monkeys living there. All have been rescued, with the exception of a couple babies born there.

Lalo (of Oscar's and Lalo's) actually got this started. (Or, so told by Joel) Lalo had someone give him a baby monkey that wasn't doing too well. He gave it to Heidi, they took him to a vet who told them the monkey had no chance to live. Heidi wouldn't accept that answer, and kept treating the monkey. Before long, the monkey (Paco) pulled out of it, and is now the 'king' monkey. Running the entire place. Needless to say Heidi started taking in stray-sick-abandoned Monkees. They now have all licenses-permits that are neccesary to run the sanctuary.

If your an animal lover, this place is a MUST. They charge 10 bucks p.p. which is well worth it. All the money goes back to help take care of the animals. They also have a couple Toucans, as well.

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