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Originally Posted by sctx
that wouldn't suprise me, Lalo is always harbouring some kind of wounded animal...I don't remember a monkey though. In '99, he had a pelican with a broken wing that would beg for food at the table....pretty scary actually, Tyson and Boshni wouldn't go near it.

(hey Rick, has Lalo ever told you about his 3rd wife wanting a new car for her birthday???)
Actually...Heidi and Joel traded a RV to Lalo for the jungle property. They decided they'd need it for the Monkey Sanctuary. It's a rather large lot at 20 acres!

Yeah, I always remember animals around the bar...Eddy used to have a baby monkey he kept there. Capt. Morgan was his name. Also had the Coati Mundi at the same time. They used to fight on top of the palapas.

It was extremely slow there this time of yr. Casa Cenote was closed also.

Lalo wasn't at the bar both times I stopped in. Stayed awhile, and he never didi make an appearance. I missed his ex (judy) as well. She was in Cancun on business.

Never heard the car it the lady from South America? Didn't know they finally got married.....

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