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I'm gonna vote with the leave that guy at home crowd.. if not He will be moaning the whole time... Not a fun vacation..
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way into it
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Originally Posted by redshift76 View Post
Worst Beer in America Competition


This was for the title. In both semifinal rounds, we had gone with the selection offering a subtle taste of chemical death over that which took the tart, putrid approach. So the two finalists were quite similar, quite toxic.
But it didn’t take many tastes (thankfully), for the supreme and most definitely worst beer in America to be chosen…
Breath factor: Morgue

And the Winner Is … !

The boys from the Rockies have done it! Coors Light wins! COORS LIGHT WINS!

Oh, it was a hard-fought honor, to be sure. But the inventor of the “cold activated bottle” left nothing to chance. Coors Light combines all the watery goodness of true American panther piss, and adds a subtle dash of that unmistakable formaldehyde flavoring that gives it the edge.

Miller Lite
gratefully accepted its second-place ranking, good sport — if not good brew — to the end.
That is too funny!!!
But seriously,when one travels to another country,its just easier to try the local flavours,to refuse to travel because they cant have thier favorite beer simply amazes me,again,too funny!!
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lost on fifth
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Hey Russell

Wondering what your address is? I think we are close, at the All Riviera Resort on 2nd and the beach! See you on Jan. 28th Kyle from Canada.
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Originally Posted by KJONESY47 View Post
Wondering what your address is? I think we are close, at the All Riviera Resort on 2nd and the beach! See you on Jan. 28th Kyle from Canada.
Carboncitos is located on 4th street between 5th and 10th avenues. closer to 5th. great food!!
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Originally Posted by AnnsSky777 View Post
Does Carboncitos serve Coors Light? If not, is there anyway to make arrangements to have perhaps a 6pk supplied on Feb. 8th? We have one beer snob with us and he only drinks Coors Light.
I'm sorry but a beer snob who's thinks Coors Light is a "special" beer is priceless.

It's like a food snob that will only eat at Denny's.

Anyways Tecate light might get him by. Good luck.
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