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Originally Posted by fermixdj
Well, this is my first post and hope is ok i was the dj on Paraiso Beach at Tulum and Coccinelle told me to post comments here to everybody now where i am now, well iam in Puebla by now takin a long holydays visiting the family and friends i left here at hometown, planing to be back at new years eve at the fantastic beaches of Tulum. Hope anyone answer me and keep in touch
Hi Fermin!!
Welcome to the Forum! I am so happy that you joined! I just noticed you post. I have not been posting very much here lately but I do check in once in a while.

Please keep posting!! I hope that you come back to Playa Paraiso (Nuddy Beach), I am sure it is not the same without you there. I would be very nice if you could get a phone call from Mamita's to start spinning there.
Good luck and keep posting OK? This is a great forum and the people are very nice, just like you.
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