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Question My Pal Patsy - Minute Mystery

(Phone rings)

Melville: Green's Gap Hospital, Doctor Melville speaking.

Man: (on phone) Doctor, doctor, there's been an accident out at Echo Cavern.

Doctor Melville: Accident, what kind of accident?

Man: (on phone) Two men was exploring and they got lost last night. One's unconscious, you better come quick before he's dead!

(In car)

Melville: I hope you know how to get out to Echo Cavern, Lem.

Lem: With the job of being town constable and ambulance driver, I reckon I know all there is to know about this country.

Melville: Ever been in the cavern, Lem?

Lem: Once, Doc Melville, when I was boy. Nearly got my hide tanned off by my pa. Echo Cavern is a might treacherous place.

Melville: You mean it's easy to get lost in it?

Lem: Not only that Doc, it's that cavern gas carbine, mmmm, something.

Melville: You mean carbon dioxide?

Lem: Yes that's it. All of sudden you run into some of that stuff, and before you know it --- bing! you're out.

Melville: Still people seem to go exploring there?

Lem: Theyíre fools, I reckon. I wouldn't go in them caverns, at least not without a dog.

Melville: A dog, what for?

Lem: Well if a dog keels over, then you know the gas is collecting.

(At the cave)

Melville: I'm afraid, Mr. Gatti, your friend is dead.

Gatti: Poor Patsy, it was from the gas wasn't it, Doc?

Melville: That's what it looks like to me.

Lem: Why did you go in that cavern anyway?

Gatti: Patsy asked me to. He never seen a cave before.

Melville: How far did you go in?

Gatti: Well it didn't seem very far but, all of a sudden we lost our way.

Lem: Where was that?

Gatti: Well how do I know whereabouts it was if we was lost? We tried to trace our way back, but it wasn't no use. Patsy started to get scared. It's kinda funny to see a big guy like that get scared.

Melville: Yes he is rather big, isn't he?

Gatti: Yes six foot four. Our buddys used to call us Mutt and Jeff.

Lem: And then what happened?

Gatti: Well, I was a little scared myself, but we stuck together. You know, walking in the dark with only my flashlight. All of a sudden Pats keeled over.

Melville: From the gas?

Gatti: Yeah, that's what I figured. His head hit on a rock, and I guess that just about finished him off.

Lem: I suppose you reckon yourself pretty lucky, mister.

Gatti: Yeah, sure, I figure it's cause I'm only five foot three that I got outta there alive. The gas must have been just about a foot over my head.

Lem: Yeah, and what do you think about that, Doc Melville?

Melville: I think you better arrest Mr. Gatti for the murder of his friend Patsy!

What was the flaw in Gatti's story?

EDIT: You may have noticed this thread was closed as soon as it was entered. That was not intended to limit your input or enjoyment in any way. On the contrary, your participation is most welcome. The action was taken to prevent eager Peeps from going into some search engine, finding the answer, and posting it, as happened on several occasions in the past. (Of course I harvest a lot of this material from other sources. You didnít think I create it all myself, did you? Iím good, but Iím not that good!) Regrettably, that also means that folks who legitimately work out their own answers, and would like to post them, donít get to display their prowess, but Iím afraid that canít be helped. Iíll open the thread in a couple of days, when Peeps have had an opportunity to try their hand at a solution, and you can post away then. The official answer will come a bit after that. I appreciate your patience and understanding, and hope you enjoy the exercise.

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a pristine, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally used up and worn out, shouting "Holy Shit...what a ride!!"
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And still another opened one for you to take a crack at.
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Gaz stays down low not up?
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The Official Answer

Gatti: Hey Copper, let me put my hands down, they're tired!

Lem: When you're in Green Gap's jail, not before!

Gatti: Ahh, I don't get it. It was a good story. I still can't figure how you found out.

Melville: Lem tells me they used to take dogs into the cavern because the gas is heavier than air. It collects on the floor. If you really met gas, you would have keeled over first, before your pal Patsy.

Gatti: Well what do you know, I reckon nowadays, in this murder racket, you need a college education!
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