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Old 02-15-2004   #1 (permalink)
¡No mames güey!
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update from Bill

Bill B wrote on Sat Nov 08, 2003 12:32 pm

I hope to keep posting updates here or under a new topic fairly often.
Cool. Do you think you could find the time to do one before too long? Do you have the solar installed on the rental house yet? How many other houses are under construction or will be started soon? Do you go to the beach club area often? How is the project going, overall?


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way into it
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Updates...Bill B

Thanks for asking about my updates Ron. Sorry I haven't added any new updates lately. I've been pretty busy getting my partner settled in here, getting our business set up, and hosting our visiting friends.

I will be back in Oregon for a short visit March 1-15. Then, after I return here to Pueblo SacBe, I will definately put together a good upate on developments in the village, ok?

I was just over at the beach club area today. After a few days of rain, some hours in the Carribean sunshine was most welcome.

More soon!
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Old 03-31-2005   #3 (permalink)
carol rauch
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What's New In Sacbe?

Hi Bill. I finally had time to get on this site. What fun! I miss it so. Daughter is still going through ##$**. Could you send to my own address any plans on houses like yours or smaller. I am so anxious to start. Also, because you can only print 'pink' lots, I can't find or print lot 63 & 64. What is name of that good fan you wanted. Hope to be down end of April. Carol
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way into it
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Thanks for the help with the energy efficient fan Carol. The Home Depot in Cancun doesn't carry the one I need for my solar home. As I look at my last reply to this thread, it seems that it it has been over a year since my last promise of an update. Now I am motivated to put together a summary of my adventures here so far. Stay tuned.
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Old 05-19-2006   #5 (permalink)
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Satellite Internet at Sacbe project

A friend recommended that I contact you. My name is Sandra and I have been living in Pto Morelos for 18 years, I am finally moving out to the jungle, after
Wilma I have had it. We bought property out in jungle 10 years ago not far from town. A year ago I was assured by several friends that I could get a Satellite dish for internet when I moved out there, Now that I am mving no one seems to know anything about it.
I knew the founder of Sacbe project Ted ,what was it 8 years ago. He
first was going to purchase land here by the cenotes of Central Vallarta.
Gald to hear you are following through with plans.

Please I would appreciate it enormously if you have info on satellite internet and better yet if you are using it.
I look forward to hearing from you
Jungle queen
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Old 05-20-2006   #6 (permalink)
way into it
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Hi Sandra,

It's always good to hear from those who get the point of moving to the jungle!

Just this week I met with an internet provider that I think will be my best solution for remote places like Pueblo SacBe. I plan to have it installed in a week or so, and will be happy to make a recommendation when my selection is tested.

Also, if you are interested in alternative energy for your new home, be sure to visit my website and let me know if you would like a tour of the sun and wind energy solutions we are using at Pueblo SacBe.

Enjoy the ride!
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Satellite interent

Hola Bill
I have been wanting to make this move for years but I had to get paperes for land since it was ejido land. We have an hectaria and also is home to our environmental non profit organization Lu'um K' aa nab. Finally got our home built
Many tried solar but when home is left alone the solar batteries and entire systems were stolen! All of us chipped in on our street and had electric put in and will have it turned on this week.
I need the satellite internet for my and non profit organization. My husband is in Florida at the moment. What I need to know
Do we need a special internet dish for satellite system to work or can I get an ordinary satellite dish here?.. Can my husband purcahse the equipment ?
in Florida and then have it installed and serviced with a company here?
I look forward to hearing from and good luck with your installation and hope it works out well
I would love to come down and see your project though abd recommend it to others. I get asked about solar systems all the time!
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