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LindaC from Oklahoma Says Hello

Hello, this is my first post and I hope it works. I joined the site last year when I bid on and won the silent auction for a week at the Xaman-Ha Condo. I was so surprised that I won, I never win anything.

I had never been to Mexico until year 2001, after that first trip I now make a trip a couple of times a year. Usually come with my daughter Angie and my beautiful red-headed granddaughter Lydia. My main traveling partner Cole, my husband, died in 2003, so now I travel with family or friends, actually came by myself last September and still had a wonderful time.

The week of April 22nd five of my former co-workers and I are coming down to stay in the condo. Only two of us have been to Mexico, everyone is very excited. I tell them how great Playa, Tulum and the whole area is.

This is probabaly way more information than anyone wants to know.

I do have a question, I have been researching tours, most of which take up the entire day. Does anyone know of a tour to Chichen Itza that doesn't take almost 12 hours? Are there tours where we could design the type of tour we want to take?
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