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very sparkly
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Recon trip to Playa en a few months.....

Hello guys and girls....
I have gotten some great info from this forum and the vibe is great, so let me introduce myself and hopefully see some of you in a few months....

My name is Mikael, 34 years old, Iīm danish but living in and around Spain for the last 7 years....Iīm slowly planning my exit from Barcelona for a more quiet lifestyle in Mexico....I work online so I can work from anywhere.....And I also speak spanish......Even the spanish teases me with my mexican accent.....Pinche pendejo weyyyy

The reason I got my heart set on Mexico as a country is mainly due to Mexican girlfriends I have had that opened my eyes to this awesome country. The people, food, nature and history of this country is amazing....The reason for Yucatan is that I love the heat and the Caribbean....
I just need air con at the office and I can do 40 degrees with no problems ......I also love to kitesurf so it was, according to my online research, Yucatan or Los Cabos.....

My Mexican girlfriend is currently in DF and I will land there in May and then we will head to Yucatan either by car or fly....

We will stay 2-3 months and then I head home and sort out the details and then back to Mexico.

So, hopefully if we settle in I will meet some of you local expats

A few questions if somebody can help me....

Is there a economic way to get a car for 2-3 months ?

The same for a nice flat, we need internet access and donīt mind paying extra for something nice during those 2-3 months.
The plan is that my GF checks out things from DF, so we donīt get the gringo prices if I do the calling...
But if some of you guys have some info on this it would be helpful....

Living in Playa ?
One thing I noticed after 5 years of living in Barcelona was the amount of good friends I had to say goodbye to.....That has really been a problem for me....This issue combined with the lack of interaction with local catalans resulting in a sense of not having put down any roots even after years in Barcelona......
Do you guys interact a lot with locals, got mexican friends ? Does your friendship circle contantly change or is it the same friends you guys have ?

Doing business in Mexico ?
Is it complicated with the paperwork and taxes ?
Is it difficult to find good mexican employees ?

I think that is it for now I know itīs a lot of questions but hopefully some of you have some good answers....

I look forward to being part of this forum...

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