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Hello, Playa!

Hello, from another newbie. A forum newbie, ut not actually a Playa newbie as I've been making an annual trip down for the past six years. I am now in the process of purchasing my own place to stay while in Playa, and hopefully lend or rent out to my New Yorkers friends.

I actually joined up because I am looking for a place to post a negative review of a condo rental I stayed in last month. A Google search found a couple of entries mentioning this place on this forum, but I want to be sure of the rules before posting my nasty comments.

I tried to contact the owner TWICE for some explanation, apology -- I wasn't asking for any refund of monies -- just some acknowledgement that the place was sub-par and not up to rental standards. I explained that if I did not hear back from her within a week that I would post a bad review to warn others. So what do you forum moderators and regulars think? Is there an area to express such views here? Is there a specific forum where reviews are posted?

Looking forward to chatting with all of you and perhaps meeting you on my next trip down.... March, maybe?

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