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lost on fifth
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Hi...I'm the blind girl that just posted about prescription snorkeling gear in the general forum.

So, my dude and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary (I know, I'm way too young for that, right? *flips hair*...). No, we aren't married. We've been engaged forever and just, well, haven't gotten around to it. Thus, in case you're wondering, that is why I chose to call him "my dude". Basically, I have know idea what to call him...I mean, really, after 20 years, he's more than my boyfriend...and, calling him "my fiance" sounds kinda cheesy (especially because it leads to expectation: "when's the date", etc...which leads to disappointment: we suck at planning, so who knows if it'll ever happen?)...Any suggestions with terminology--have at it. (He calls me 'cupcake'...I know, it's cute, right?)

Great first impression, eh? Keep reading, I'm sure it gets better...

So, we both work in the music industry. Thus, we travel a lot. However, in these 20 ridiculously long years, we've never traveled to a destination that DIDN'T involve music (read: work/pretend vacation) a result, we'd both love to just chill on a gorgeous beach and explore someplace new.

Although we both drink plenty, we are not looking to "party" or experience the incredible night life...that sort of scene is our day-to-day world; we don't need it on our vacation. Thus, we've chosen the Catalonia Royal Tulum for its intimacy, lack of a party scene, AI-ness (we're lazy) and absence of children (no offense).

I imagine by the time we finally leave for this long overdue trip, you all will be irritated by constant questions and neverending excitement (I DO use the search feature as much as possible, so I will do my best to avoid redundancy)...either way, I'm apologizing in advance. Also, after the fact, be forewarned, you will likely be bombarded with 'after vacation stories and endless photos'...(unless I turn out to be as flakey at sharing as I am with planning a wedding--just don't be as disappointed in my lack of follow through as my mom, k? It's heart wrenching)

Alright...start hazing the newb...have at it...
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Welcome, Laurel!!

I was laughing at your description of your relationship, as I've been "engaged" for going on 9 years with also no wedding date planned. Heck, we don't even live together! I alternate between the use of "fiancee" and "boyfriend", because as you said, one brings up the "when's the date" questions and the other sounds rather juvenile for a 52-year-old woman to use. I seem to opt for the "the guy I call for to kill bugs and move heavy stuff".

Hope your trip to Tulum/Playa is one of relaxation, fun, and happy memories.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts. You've got an entertaining writing style!!
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lost on fifth
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 13

Nerak, thanks for your reply and warm welcome. I love your sense of humor!

So, we were pretty much settled on the Catalonia Royal Tulum...but, now I'm having doubts. It seems that most people that stay at AI's tend to spend most their time there. We, although inexperienced, want to venture a bunch: Coba, Acumal, Chichen Itza, zipline through the jungle, cenotes, Tulum, etc--there's just so much to see!!!...thus, we're thinking of renting a car. I'm wondering if by staying at an AI, would be wasting all the amenities by not being there at least 1/2 of the days? I gotta admit, I do like the idea of drinking for free! And, we are both vegetarians. It seems that finding something to eat would not be a problem at this particular resort...but, we may save a good grand if we just get a condo somewhere? And, I think we might get a greater sense of adventure if we are "on our own" and not being coddled??!?! I have know idea...

This rookie is totally and complete lost and overwhelmed---it's information overload. My lack of experience and indecisiveness certainly isn't helping...I'm now in crisis mode while planning my vacation? Somethings not right about that...
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I already can't wait to read your trip report and see your pictures when you return just after reading your welcome message!!! As far as what you should call "him".. whatever you want to as long as he comes when you call.. hehehehe...

I think either way you go you will be fine, All Inclusive or not... My husband and I always stay all inclusive, at least so far, just because we like knowing once we get there we are good, if we run out of money on day two , we can still eat for the next 7 lol.. But we also venture out a lot!! I would hate to stay at the resort and "just chill" it would get pretty boring I would think and there is so much to do and eat eat eat in playa...and the surrounding areas like tulum and akumal. So whatever you decide don't worry about it, just come down, relax and have a great time in Playa.. and let me warn's addictive.. once you have been you will be back!!

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way into it
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Catalonia Royal Tulum is a great AO AI.(I have stayed there 3x.)Lobby is a stone's throw from the highway. Good location for touring the area via collectivo or taxi.No need for a car.
Not sure you would save a grand by not doing AI.My experience has been it's about the same $$$.
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