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Originally Posted by Babaloo View Post
They were not actually arrested for having animals. They were arrested for agressively hassling tourists to the point of being physical. Demanding 200 pesos for a photo. Chasing down those who wouldn't pay. Asshats.
Well, I guess it's a start? Thanks for the clarification, sad but accurate is always better....
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Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
Well, I guess it's a start? Thanks for the clarification, sad but accurate is always better....
The word on the street is that PROFEPA has turned their back on the situation. Why? $$$$
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way into it
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And its not just mexico,i have spent a lot of time in thailand and on every main tourist street there are people offering up baby gibbons,slow loris and iguanas to be photographed with,its the uneducated tourists who are perpetuating this business worldwide,don't pay the animal handlers any money and the trade would soon die out.
but that is not going to happen any time soon IMHO.
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way into it
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I have been in contact with this group out of Colorado.

We actively donate to them and they have some incredible stories where they have rescued some big cats that were left to die.

Her name is Monica and if you have any info/pictures/video please send them her way. You can do I by adding them as a friend and then sending them a message (she answers). I am not sure what (if anything) can be done, but she said that she has a contact down here who would be more than willing to investigate and follow up.

I have heard from many others that I have talked to that they are repeatedly drugged so that they will be calm and docile for the tourists. I don't even want to think about what happens to these poor cubs when they grow up and are no longer needed.
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