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My Honeymoon

Hi Forum, so glad to find you. I have been planning a trip to PDC since 1993 which is when my husband and I got married. The travel agent at that time steered us away from Mexico and to Jamaica saying it was a "poor" country and we wouldn't enjoy ourselves. We went to Jamaica and did enjoy it and I do still LOVE Jamaica. I got a chance finally in 2005 to take a cruise that had a stop in Cozumel. I told my husband - we are taking the ferry over to PDC and he agreed. We fell for the place immediately and I started replanning our "honeymoon". Well this is it folks we will finally be there January 27th and I couldn't be happier. We are staying in one of the beach bungalows at Hotel Blue Beach. Since I had not found this forum until yesterday and did not know that the place to stay is "Luna Blue". Anyway, we hope to stop by the Peep Meet at La Ranita on the 27th, but we don't land until noon. I know we will be tired and want to see the beach and I'm sure we can find that and hope to be able to find La Ranita. Anyway can you tell I'm excited - I can't shut up.
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