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very sparkly
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DAY 10 (Friday 24th June)

We woke up on our last full day with mixed feelings.
Sad that the holiday was virtually over, but determined to make the most of the last day.

We headed down to breakfast for the usual, and I got a couple of pictures of the breakfast buffet which had played such an integral part of the holiday :-)

Watermelon Sculptures


After breakfast we headed down to the pool for our last day enjoying the sunshine.
We spent some time in the infinity pool, had a swim, sat at the pool bar for a while and finished off my book.

We then went down to the beach where they were setting up for a beach BBQ day.
The hotel staff had been up from the early hours of the morning retrieving coconuts from the trees, and now they were on the beach hacking them open with a huge machete.

The coconuts were nearly all ready, the BBQ was heating up, there was even a band setting up on the beach ready to start playing some live music......and then suddenly the palm trees started blowing wildly.
Looking out to the ocean, you could see a storm heading straight for us.
It was mad how you could actually see it heading straight towards us, and then suddenly the skies opened up and it started pouring torential rain.

The BBQ went out, the band had to unplug all their instruments and put them away, and all the guests took shelter in Chilis.

The rain lasted about 10 minutes until it calmed down and stopped.
Within another 10 minutes, you would never ever have known it had rained at all.

The blue skies were back and the BBQ was going again and the band had set up and started playing.

The entertainment staff did salsa lessons on the beach whilst the band played and they gave out coconuts filled with coconut milk and vodka (I think it was vodka).

We had some BBQ and washed it down with coconut milk.

Coconuts On The Beach

After the BBQ we had a look around the beach store just outside the hotel.

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the live music and hanging out on the beach.

Unfortunately the afternoon went too quickly and we eventually had to head back up to the room to pack!!! :-(

In between packing I would keep escaping out on to the balcony to enjoy the views.

The room seemed quite depressing with the suitcases packed in the middle of the seating area.
The holiday really had come to an end!!!

We had one more evening meal to enjoy at the Japanese speciality restaurant "Yashima".

We showered and got ready to head down for drinks.

After a few drinks outside at the plaza area we headed over to Yashima

We had sushi to begin with, which neither of us had ever tried before, but I really enjoyed it.

You'll notice in the picture in the bottom left hand corner is a little piece of salmon and something green.
Without knowing what it was Rach stuck the whole thing in her mouth and her face suddenly screwed up, and she couldn't spit it out fast enough.

She had just eaten a large chunk of wasabi and it nearly blew her head off!!!

After the sushi, we had starters.
Rach had some kind of chicken salad thing, and I had soy bean soup with tofu.

I wasn't really a fan of the soup and left most of it.
The tofu was what ruined it!!!

For the main course, Rach had the chicken skewers and I had the filet (for a change).

For desert we both had the fried ice cream which was amazing!!!!

I think the fried ice cream was one course too far after 10 days of eating non stop, because I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out.
I felt like the world suddenly started spinning and I had to get out of the restaurant immediately.
I left quickly and headed towards the toilets.
I'm not sure why but my hearing had completely gone!!!
I walked right past the entertainment area but I couldn't hear a thing.

Once I sat down, I started coming back round and my hearing came back, but I told myself that I was done with all these meals and in the morning I would eat something healthy and I was now officially on a diet :-)

I went back to Yashima, got Rach and we went to Plaza for some drinks.
Tonight was the tropical show, but we didn't watch it.
We went back to the room and had a few drinks and called it a night.

So that was day 10. Our final full day, in which we enjoyed coconut milk at the beach BBQ, spent the day round the pool and on the beach, and then ate so much Japanese food I nearly fainted.

Stay tuned for day 11, which is the day we travel home and my diet doesn't even last until breakfast :-)
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very sparkly
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Location: Warrington, England
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DAY 11 (Saturday 25th June)

The next morning we woke up and surprise surprise I had my usual breakfast :-)
So much for the diet.

I got an hour or two round the pool, but eventually I had to go back up and have a last shower and get dressed for the flight home.
We said goodbye to the room and made the depressing walk back to reception to give in our key cards.

The private van came and picked us up and took us direct to the airport.
As we drove off, I looked back at the hotel and wondered to myself if I would ever be back here.
I really hope so as it had been such a special holiday, but we always say we would go back after every holiday and we always end up going somewhere different.

We got to the airport and I had a dominoes pizza covered in chili seeds for lunch. Once again, I promised myself that I would start eating healthy straight after I'd finished :-)

The plane was on time and before we knew it, we were in the air on our way home.
10 hours to kill and Rach was already asleep.
I read "The Husband" by Dean Koontz from cover to cover on the flight.
I only stopped reading for meals and to watch a film (The Dilemma).

We arrived back in England on Sunday morning, and the depression of being home soon turned to joy when little Billy was so excited to see us after 10 days away from him.

By Monday morning I was back in work and everything was back to normal.

After over 18 months of planning and organising a wedding and honeymoon, we had done both and it was all over.
We were both on such a downer!!!

As I write this now, it is 00:30 on Tuesday 12th July. It has been over 2 weeks since we got back from Mexico and we are still both missing it like crazy!!!!

I have written this trip report mainly because I enjoyed so much, reading everyone elses reports as I was waiting and waiting for our holiday, but also because it I have enjoyed re-living the memories each night as I have gone through the pictures and tried to remember each day and what we did.

I hope you have enjoyed my report, and I'm sorry if I've gone on a bit too much or put too many pictures on, but Playa Del Carmen was one of the best holidays we have ever been on and we wanted to share our memories and have something written down that we can read in 10 years time and remember our very special honeymoon.

Thanks for reading.
Steve & Rach x
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Very nicely done Steve. I really enjoyed your pics and commentary and that looks like a fantastic way to spend a honeymoon.

Thank you for sharing.

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Nicely done on the report & experiences!!!

You'll go back if you want... maybe not next year, but you'll get back. It sounds like you've got it under your skin & now you want more.
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Great trip report!!!!
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Loved your report! Thanks for taking the time to post. Your pictures were great. Also, congratulations on the wedding. You are a beautiful couple.
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Thanks for sharing your honeymoon with us! I especially loved the black & white photos with just a bit of color as accents!

Oh, and your puppy is so cute!
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way into it
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Great Trip Report!!!
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Loved the whole report. It is always nice to prolong the vacation by writing a lovely trip report. The pics were awesome!

Here's to a long, happy , healthy marriage.........

Keep having fun!!
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way into it
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Thank you so much for the report! Enjoyed the pic's. Maybe you two can come back every five years for a special anniversary trip!
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very sparkly
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Photo Album Update

Thought I would just share the proofs of the photo album I have designed using the PhotoCreator software.

Album is ordered and I'm just waiting for it to arrive!!!

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Great trip report, awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have many, many years of married bliss.
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Thanks for doing a report! I really enjoyed the pictures.
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Just read your trip report. Great job! I too love your photos. Congrats on your wedding. Thanks for taking the time to share your TR with us.
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sandbagger vidiot
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That was a terrific report. I read the whole thing...

I think the RIU Palace RM is my favorite hotel. Oh, to be back!
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