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Honeymoon at Riu Palace Riviera Maya (with Dolphins and Mayans) 15/06/11 - 25/06/11


Here is my attempt at a trip report of our honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen.
There are a lot of photos so I'll split it into the different days.

It all started on Saturday June 11th in Warrington, England when Rach and I (Steve) got married.

Three days later on Wednesday 15th June we set off from Manchester Airport to Cancun Airport in Mexico!!!
Neither of us had ever been to Mexico before so we didn't really know what to expect. I had spent the last 6 months on this forum reading all the trip reports to get an idea of what to do and where to go, but that was all we knew.

It was a long 10 hour flight, but I managed to pass the time with some music magazines and a couple of movies, The Green Hornet and Rango.

The Riu Palace Riviera Maya is one of Thomsons A La Carte hotels, so as soon as we got to Cancun we had our own private 4x4 waiting to take us directly to the hotel.
Unfortunately we had to wait for about 2 hours to get through customs which seemed to run so slowly!!! We had a choice of three queues in customs and we definitely picked the wrong one.

We had left England early morning and the flight had taken 10 hours, but we had to go back 6 hours because of the time zones, so we had now been up for about 14 hours and it was only early afternoon.

Once we were through customs, it was all plain sailing from then on.
A Thomson guy took our cases straight to our 4x4 where our driver was waiting to drive us to the hotel.
We did not have any trouble with timeshare people which I had heard so much about.

It was funny how many of the hotel names I recognised from the trip reports on this site as we drove along the highway to Playacar.

When we arrived, we were met by the Riu Palace's grand entrance:

As we got out of the 4x4, the door guy took our cases and pointed us in the direction of the reception, where we received a welcome cocktail.
The lobby was absolutely stunning.
It is such a grand lobby and really sets a great first impression.


Lobby Ceiling & Chandeliers


Lobby Bar

Lobby Shop & Jewellery Store

Booking in was straight forward and very quick. I had paid a bit extra to guarantee a Jacuzzi Suite, but 2 weeks earlier I had emailed the hotel asking if it would be possible to reserve one of the ocean facing suites at the end of the hotel.
I mentioned this to the girl at reception and she immediately assigned us room 2118 right on the beach front looking out to to the ocean.

The porter took us to our room and brought our cases with him. When we arrived this is what was awaiting us:


Room On Arrival

Room Seating Area

Hot Tub


Mini Bar

Fridge (Re-Stocked Daily)

Walk-In Wardrobe

Towel Art (We got a different one of these virtually every day)

View From The Bed (We had this window and the patio doors that led to the balcony)

The Lower Balcony (I'm already in my Riu Dressing Gown)

We were both absolutely made up with the room we had. It was huge and the views were amazing!!!

Views from the lower balcony

If that wasn't good enough, we had a spiral staircase leading to an upper balcony.

On the upper balcony was the outdoor jacuzzi

...and even better views of the ocean

We had now been awake for about 17 hours, but we were too excited to sleep, so we got changed into our swimming gear and went out to see the pool and the beach.

The pool area was amazing. The main pool was huge but there were never many people in it, so whatever time of the day you went in, you felt like you had the pool to yourself.
The pool bar area was excellent as well. There was the actual swim-up bar and seated areas sculpted into enclosed spaces and 2 enclosed jacuzzi areas.
The pool bar was the busiest area of the pool, but we never ever struggled to find seats or an empty jacuzzi.
Overlooking the main pool and the pool bar was the infinity pool.
This was always slightly warmer than the main pool which was nice and it was Rach's favourite area to go and cool down.
Round the edge of the infinity pool was seating, so you could just sit and look out to the sea for hours and just relax.

Infinity Pool

Pool Bar

After trying out the pool and getting a cocktail at the pool bar, we headed to the beach.
The beach area was huge!!!
There is a fenced off section of the beach which is for Riu Palace guests only and that area in itself is huge.
At the end of this section, there are some steps leading down to the main beach which I have heard has been renovated since it was destroyed by a hurricane a few years ago.
I didn't know what to expect with the beach because I have seen pictures of beautiful beaches in Playa Del Carmen and not so beautiful beaches.
The beach here though was the most perfect white sand and aqua blue coloured water.

As you can see from the photos, there is nothing for miles left or right of the beach either. Just more and more beach.

We were now getting to 18 hours without sleep, so Rach decided to have a little rest in one of the shaded hammocks in the palm trees.

We decided that we would go for something to eat at the buffet restaurant (Don Manolos), and then get an early night (If you can call an entire 24 hours with no sleep an early night).

We got dressed for the evening and headed down to the plaza area for a drink before our evening meal.

When we got to the plaza area, they had some kind of alcoholic pyramid set up full of drinks and the waitress was giving out cocktails.

We had a few cocktails in the seated area around the plaza, and then went for something to eat.
I'd heard from various reviews that we would be treated like royalty in the speciality restaurants, but I was not expecting it in the buffet wrong I was.
We were greeted by a waiter who showed us to our table (we sat outside for the first night) and brought us drinks.

Even though our waiter was looking after 10 - 20 tables, he was always there with a new drink whenever I finished the last drop, and when we got up to get food, he was there to move Rach's chair for her.
He also kept bringing us shots of tequila!!!!

We had a lovely meal, but with it being the first night I got slightly over excited and went back 3 or 4 times, so I ended up having 4 completely different meals.

During the meal we had a group of musicians come around the table singing love songs to us which was a nice touch for the first night of our honeymoon.

It was now 9:30pm (Mexican Time) and we had been awake for 24 hours.
It was time for the early night.......but we were full of good food and tequila....and it was Michael Jackson night!!!

Rach loves Michael Jackson, and suddenly she found a new lease of life, so the night continued....

The Michael Jackson show was really really good (even though I kept nodding off through lack of sleep and alcohol).

The drinks service whilst you sit and watch the shows is unbelievable.
There are so many tables full of people and yet every time you finish a drink, there is someone there ready to take your next order.

After a few more Tequilas and quite a lot of Pina Coladas we eventually decided to go to bed.
It was gone midnight and we had been awake for 27 hours!!!

We got back to the room and waiting for us was a bottle of champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate, with a welcome note saying congratulations on our honeymoon.

We were too tired to eat strawberries though, and a bit too drunk to have any champagne, so we went to bed.
I think I was asleep before I even got to the bed :-)

So that was our wedding and day 1 of our honeymoon.
We were sleeping now, getting ready for our first full day in Mexico.

To be continued....

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Jeez...what an awesome room.
Not a bad way to be introduced to Mexico!
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Congrats on your wedding.
What great pictures and a great room.
Looking forward to more...thanks for sharing.
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You two are adorable! You look so happy What a great start to your honeymoon.

Looking forward to reading more.
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Fabulous start!! You are an adorable couple. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!
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Great Start!! I love a new trip report! You guys are a beautiful couple, congrats!!
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Love your trip report and your wedding was beautiful! Thanks for shwing!
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lost on fifth
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Originally Posted by TAPPY View Post
Congrats on your wedding.
What great pictures and a great room.
Looking forward to more...thanks for sharing.

Congrats from me too!

The resort looks amazing! Wish I'd booked there instead of the Tequila now!

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Great report, and thanks for all the wonderful hotel pictures too!
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very sparkly
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DAY 2 (Thursday 16th June)

Despite being very tired, neither of us got very much sleep on the first night.
We were still on English time and we kept waking up throughout the night.

We eventually woke up about 9ish, and what a beautiful view we woke up to.

A view like that soon inspires you to get out of bed no matter how tired you are.
We got up, showered and headed down for our first breakfast.
On the way we reserved a couple of sunbeds round the pool (although there was really no need as I found that there were always beds available throughout the day).

Breakfast was in the same restaurant as the evening buffet (Don Manolos).
We sat outside again and had a lovely view of the plaza area whilst we ate.

Before going to Mexico, I had spent about 12 months training for half marathons in England. I don't particuarly enjoy running, but it is a good way to stay fit and was a good way to lose a bit of weight for the wedding.
I had made a conscious decision before the honeymoon that I was going to make a real effort to eat as healthy as I could during the day, because I knew I would be drinking and eating loads of an evening.
I didn't want all the hard work over the last 12 months to go to waste.

That conscious decision lasted about 1 minute once I saw the breakfast buffet!!!!!
This was my breakfast on the first morning and for the next 10 mornings :-)

After breakfast we went to the pool for an hour and had a swim and some relaxation time in the infinity pool.
I started reading my first book of the holiday, "All My Friends Are Superheroes" by Andrew Kaufman.

At 11am we had to go to the lobby to meet the Thomson rep who talked us through the hotel and surrounding areas, and she went through the days out that were available to us.
We decided to go book in for swimming with Dolphins at Dolphin Discovery and a day out in Coba which also included visiting some Mayan families and swimming in a Cenote. (more on these later)

We finished with the rep at midday just at the same time the bookings for the speciality restaurants opened. We were first in the queue as we were already sat in the lobby right next to were the bookings were done. We booked for the Steak House that night at 7:30pm and for Krystal on the Saturday night at 8:45pm.

All that sorted, we grabbed a couple of soft drinks from the lobby bar and went and sat in the plaza area to enjoy the sunshine.

We went back to the pool for a swim and a bit more sun bathing/reading.

After my rather unhealthy breakfast, I decided to have a healthy lunch from the buffet in Chilis.
Just like breakfast, that idea went straight out of the window within a minute of getting into Chilis for the first time.

I didn't have my camera with me at lunch, but from what I remember, I had a plate full of pizza, burgers and tacos. I followed this with an ice cream from the "help yourself ice cream machine" which I would visit again several times every day.

About 3pm, we decided to go for a walk to the Playacar Shopping Plaza to have a look around.
This was a bit of a mistake. The sun was blazing down and the 5 minute walk to the shops had me sweating more than any half marathon I have ever run!!!

We also went to have a look around a couple of the other Riu hotels and have a couple of much needed soft drinks.

We walked back to hotel and went for a much needed swim in the pool.
We spent the rest of the day around the pool, swimming, reading and sunbathing.

The bar staff round the pool work so hard. They literally walk round all the sun beds asking what everyone wants to drink and then once they have completed one circuit, they get the drinks and come round again giving them out. After that circuit, they come round again collecting empties, before starting it all over again!!!

I don't really like drinking alcohol during the day in the sunshine, so we just stuck to soft drinks, water and alcohol free cocktails.

Rach relaxing in the infinity pool

We headed back up to the room about 5:30pm to shower and get ready for our evening meal at the Steak House.
Once we got to the room, we were greeted by a new towel animal.

We weren't really sure what kind of animal this was, but we agreed on it being some kind of dinosaur???

We showered and got ready for the evening.

We went to Chilis Steak House which had a very different feel to it than it did during the lunch time buffet.
They only used a small area of the restaurant and it was all candle lit and very nice.
We were greeted by the staff and shown to our table were we got wine, water and beer.
They then brought us a seafood starter, which was essentially a shared platter of various seafood.
From what I remember it consisted of shrimp, mussels, salmon, crab and maybe squid??
Whatever it consisted of, it was very tasty and a good start to the meal.

For the main course Rach got the Ribeye Steak and I got the Surf & Turf which consisted of Filet Mignon and Skewered Shrimps.

I had already started eating it before I remembered to take a photo.

The shrimps and the filet were both cooked to perfection and very very tasty.

For desert Rach got some sort of chocolate cake and I went for the Baked Alaska.
I'd never tried Baked Alaska before, but I had heard about the show the waiters put on when pouring on the flaming alcohol from Trip Advisor.
It turns out I really love Baked Alaska anyway, so it all worked out well.

After the meal we went to the lobby for a few cocktails.

Lobby Bar

I can't remember what show was on later that night but because we ate early, we were sat around in the lobby with nothing on but a lounge singer in the plaza.

Rach was feeling a bit jet lagged and if we sat around waiting for the entertainment to start I think she would have fallen asleep, so we decided to go back to the room and make use of the mini bar and the outdoor jacuzzi.

After a couple of hours in the jacuzzi under the moonlight we had our last drinks and called it a night.

Still to come, Day 3, in which Rach and Steve check out 5th Avenue for the first time.......
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Great start and beautiful pics!

Your wedding pictures are lovely, you're such a cute couple!
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very sparkly
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DAY 3 (Friday 17th June)

Day 3 started much the same as day 2.
The only difference being that we got up a couple of hours earlier and I had seconds at the breakfast buffet :-)

With being up earlier we pretty much had the choice of whichever bed we wanted round the pool area.
We had now learned the path of the sun, so we were able to pick some beds that would be in the sun all day.
We were able to get these same beds everyday for the rest of the holiday as well.

I finished my first book and started my second book "The Dirt" by Motley Crue.

We had lunch and this time I was able to control myself and just had a plate full of fruit. (Followed by a couple of ice creams)

We did a bit of swimming, spent some time on the beach, relaxed in the infinity pool, had a few drinks at the pool bar and baked in the Mexican sun.

By the afternoon we were a little bit bored of sun bathing so we decided to go for a walk into 5th Avenue to check it out, and to find out were Coco Bongos was.

We took the road route rather than the beach and bumped into some new friends on the way.

Despite it only being a 10-15 minute walk, it was in the afternoon sunshine and it felt more like an hour walk!!!!

When we eventually got to 5th Avenue, we were immediately greeted by a lady trying to get us to be photographed with a spider monkey.
I'd read all about this on Trip Advisor and this forum before coming to Mexico, so I knew to just ignore her and walk on.
The monkey was so adorable though and it is so cruel that they are used in such a way.

It was even more heart wrenching when we saw the lion cub that is chained up on 5th Ave!!!

5th Ave

I'm not sure if it was the time of day, but 5th Ave was quite empty and that meant we attracted the attention of every single shop owner....."Hey Amigo....Hey Lady....Amigo....Lady".

Every single person seemed to be begging us to go into their shop!!!

We went into a few souvenir stores to get some ideas for gifts, but we soon realised that they were all pretty much the same.

There were some really nice stores as well selling some wonderful crafts, but we were just so hot in the afternoon sunshine, that we weren't really concentrating on anything.

We decided to stop at a bar and get some refreshments to refuel and cool down.

We found a great little bar with swing seats and stopped for a water and a coke.

It was too hot to carry on walking along 5th Ave, so we decided to give up and come back another day when it was cooler, or of an evening.

We walked back via the beach so that we could keep going into the sea to cool down.

The beach in playa was much busier than the beach by our hotel.
I prefered the relaxing atmosphere of our beach, but I loved the interesting sites and atmosphere of the busier Playa Del Carmen.

We spotted what we thought was an eagle gliding about over the beach.

We later found out this was a hawk, when our guide at Coba explained that because of how flat the area is, there are no eagles.

I spotted Bad Boys beach bar as well, which was on my list of places to visit. We now knew where it was and we would come back later in the holiday to watch the Nasty B astards peform and have a few drinks.

Once we had crossed the ferry terminal by Senor Frogs, the beach started to become a lot quieter.
At one point we felt like we had the entire beach to ourselves it was so quiet.

The walk along the beach seemed to be a much longer walk, but it was much more comfortable walking alongside the sea, with the waves cooling us down.

When we got back to our hotel, our beach was looking particuarly nice in the late afternoon sunshine.

When we got back to the room we had another new towel animal waiting for us.

No need for a debate today as to what kind of animal it was. It was an elephant.....or was it a mammoth? An elephant is the obvious choice, but a mammoth would fit in with the dinosaur theme from yesterday. Maybe another debate is necessary!! Or maybe I should just stop being so sad and start concentrating on enjoying my holiday :-)

Rach had a bit of a sleep and I went down to the pool for a swim and a few more chapters of my book.

We were having our evening meal in the buffet restaurant tonight so we got ready and headed down to the lobby for drinks about 8pm.

After our food, we went to the plaza for cocktails.
We had been working our way through the cocktail list and tonights big hit was the margarita.

I continued to work my way through the cocktail list for the remainder of the holiday, but Rach had found her drink now, and it was margaritas all the way for her from this day.

The entertainment tonight was a His & Hers special.
It was basically couples up on the stage competing against each other in various games.
We watched it for a little bit, but we weren't really feeling it.

We had a few more drinks and then headed back to the room and got into bed to watch a film and order room service.

So that was the end of day 3, in which we had attempted 5th Ave, but the sun had defeated us, and Rach had discovered Margaritas are her favourite drink, even though they made her feel rather drunk!!!

Coming up in day 4, Steve & Rach re-attempt 5th Ave and they eat at Krystal.....

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You crack me up! "A plate of fruit, followed by a couple ice creams".

Great report.
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very sparkly
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DAY 4 (Saturday 18th June)

We woke up on our 4th day to a bit of a dull grey sky!!!!
I had been worried about the weather after reading on this forum that after 6 months of no rain, there had been quite a bit so far in June.

The first 3 days had been lovely, so I hoped the grey skies would clear up later in the day.

Still, the views from the balcony were still amazing, even when it isn't glorious sunshine.

When I got back to England and saw the above photos, I realised that a dull day in Mexico is still far nicer than a sunny day back home :-(

We did the usual routine of breakfast buffet (still on the unhealthy option), pool, beach, reading etc.

About 11am though, we decided to try 5th Avenue again. It was much cooler with the sun behind clouds so we figured it might be our only chance to go to 5th Ave during the day.

The walk there seemed so much quicker in the shade and once we were on 5th Ave, we were able to enjoy the sites and shops much more.

Bar at the start of 5th Ave

VW Camper Van

Coco Bongos

I loved this shop purely for the reason I am from Liverpool in England

The Tequila Museum

My New Friend

Tequila Museum

After walking the length of 5th Ave and checking out most of the shops, we decided to have lunch somewhere.
This place had caught our eye, as it looked like it was in the middle of the jungle even though it was on a busy street full of shops with no trees anywhere else.

Whilst we were here, it rained a little but the the grey skies cleared and the sun came out for the first time that day.

I had chicken enchiladas and Rach had a chicken breast sandwich

After the meal we walked back through 5th Ave and bought a tapestry of the Aztec calendar to go up on the wall back home.
The guy in the shop saw us looking at it and got us inside and shut the sliding door behind us so we couldn't get out!!!
I wanted to buy it anyway, but I don't think he was going to let us leave without it.
He started off telling us it was £200 sterling, but after 10 minutes of us trying to leave as it was too expensive, he eventually came down to £40 and we had a deal.
I thought it was good business, but he still probably made a huge profit on it.

After that we walked back to the hotel via the beach.

Once we were back at the hotel the weather was a bit dull again and it was trying to rain, so we went back to the room and sat in the outdoor jacuzzi and watched the ocean go by until the sun came back out.

After that Rach had a siesta and I went down to the pool for a swim and a bit more reading.

That evening we had a booking at Krystal at 8:45pm, so we got ready and headed down to the lobby for a few drinks.

I had said in yesterdays post that Rach had found her holiday drink in the Margaritas and she stuck to them for the rest of the holiday, but clearly I'm a liar, because photo evidence shows that she had a martini tonight!!!

The Lobby Dome

Lobby At Night

After a few drinks we we went to Krystal

(Photo taken at the end of the holiday during the day)

Krystal definitely had a more upmarket feel about than Don Manolos and the Chillis Steak House. There were only about 10 or so tables in there which started to make sense why they had to have the booking system.

For the first course we had salmon and a watermelon soup type thing and something else which I forget what it was.
As you can tell, I don't normally eat at posh restaurants :-)
I wasn't even sure what the socially acceptable way to eat this was!!!
It was very tasty though.

For the second course I had pumpkin soup with scallop.
It had some kind of sweet sauce at the bottom of the plate and pumpkin seeds. It was the nicest thing I ate all holiday. It was awesome!!!

For the main course I had the filet steak, but I wish I had gone for the sea bass. The steak was lovely but I had filet in pretty much every other restaurant for the rest of the holiday.
I forgot to take a picture of the steak :-(

For desert I had a chocolate cake which was filled with with lovely warm chocolate sauce, and ice cream.

Because we ate at 8:45pm, we ended up missing most of the show, which I was a bit gutted about as it was the mayan show tonight and I really wanted to see it.
We managed to see the last 5 minutes of it and it did look really good.

We had a few more drinks in the plaza and then headed back to the room and called it a night.

That was day 4 in which we finally conquered 5th Ave and experienced our first bartering with a Mexican store owner, followed by a lovely meal in Krystal.

Day 5 to follow in which not a lot happens, but I did get a lot of photos of the hotel grounds...

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DAY 5 (Sunday 19th June)

Nothing much happened today, or whatever did happen wasn't photographed, so not a lot to report on.
From what I remember, we did the usual routine of a plate full of cholesterol for breakfast, swim, sunbathe, read, swim, drink at swim up bar, sunbathe, read, beach, more cholesterol for lunch, read, swim, sunbathe, read and repeat!

It was strange weather though, and most of the day was pretty grey and cloudy, and it rained a little bit and then it was sunny for a bit and then it got cloudy again.
As with all brits on holiday though, it would take a major hurricane to pry us away from the pool :-)

When the sun came out I took a few pics of the hotel grounds.

We spent most of the afternoon at the pool bar having a few drinks and sat in one of the jacuzzis.

When we went back to the room we had yet another towel animal waiting for us....This time with flowers!!!

I'm assuming that they are sticking with the dinosaur theme so I can only conclude that this was a pterodactyl going out on a date.

Anyway, that evening we ate at the buffet and we watched the mariachi show and got drunk on cocktails.
I either, didn't have my camera with me that night or I have accidentally deleted the pics.

When we got back to the room we were not alone!!!
We had an intruder....

So that was Sunday, and not a lot happened.

Stay tuned though for Mondays report as this was a much busier day including a trip to Coba to climb the temple, visiting a mayan family in the jungle, swimming in a cenote and a spontaneous trip to Coco Bongo.

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