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Dive pics lakes Cologne

For the first time I took my cam with me in the lakes this weekend. Went with the same underwater photographer friend who I went with to the Netherlands. She is a dive instructor and I was amazed about how much creatures she knew in the lakes (and found). In my 'house' lake she found a small snail that on her pics is really beautiful.... But take a look...

Saturday we went to Kraemersee. Actually it is two lakes and we go there when our 'house' lake is closed due to an event (like triathlon).

Anyone wanna go shopping?

The green stuff is a sponge


Loved the trees...

Anyone need a new shirt?

Lots of fish


This looks like a shisha...

Mussels again

More eggs

The arrow points on something that looks like a shrimp but actually it is a fly larvae

More eggs to the right and the red thing to the left is a water mite...
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Sunday we went to 'Fuehlinger See' (lake fuehlingen) which is in the suburbs of Cologne. I love going there because usually some of my dive friends are there. So it is always socializing as well... here are some pics from the sunday dive.

Lots of fish (but my cam didn't wanna focus on them)

I love the plants that stand totally still under water

My first pickerell pic...

Another plant

The same pickerell as before

Looks like you can use it for christmas decoration...

Baby pickerell that we found....

... here. This is where pickerells usually hide. Sometimes they are so well hidden in there that we hardly see them when swimming by.

Looks like flowers...

I call the green stuff cotton candy...

My friend found this snail. Didn't know we had it in the lake. She took pics of the face and it looks great on her pics...

Here you can see her tentacles

Till yesterday I always thought these fish were silver...

And this looks like a cobweb to me...

Sometimes in the lakes you can't believe that you are underwater because it looks so much like over water.... just the fish are a sign that you are not imagining things...

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Great pics! The cool thing about lake diving is that there isn't a current like there is when diving in the ocean - so things can stand perfectly still - like the plant life.

Have to say I am very envious of your next trip countdown! Raja Ampat is a huge dream of mine! Can't wait to see your pictures from that trip!
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Beautiful Andi
I so wish I could dive... Thanks for providing this view under the lakes
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Great pics A.....
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Thanks Andrea! I love these pics! It funny, the light on the scales of the pickerel makes me think of the old fashioned baseball scoreboards that are made up of little yellow lights. Or the words that used to flash across the screen on the bottom of the Goodyear blimp.
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