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hi my name is nikki. i was in playa carmen twice before about 15 years ago at least. the first time dirt roads, and we heard there was one fone, but we never did find it. the second time they had just started to build a tall german hotel and the roads were being paved and we saw policemen. so i know i will be taken back on this trip. i have seen pictures in travel brochures!!! when we there we met a man named haido who had a small restaurant named after his baby daughter. i would like to see haido again. hopefully he still is in the restaurant business. he really catered to us when the electricity wasn't going out. also, we went to both xelha and xcaret and now i see there is a new park - parque chankanaab. which would you recommend as we only have time to do one. i was also concerned about the hurricane damage. i will be traveling with 3 others that have never been there and they have elected me tour guide, so any tips you can give me would be appreciated. we will be coming on a cruise ship this time and i thought we would take the ferry from cozumel and go to tulum and then one of the parks and if i can find haido, a meal with him and then shopping if we have time. any ideas? thnx nikki
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