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very sparkly
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1st timer

Hello all My name is Joe wright and I came across this site while trying to find things out about Playa del Carmen (and glad I did).

My wife and I are going to be staying at The Reef May 7th - May 14th for our 20th anniversary. I have no idea what any of the resorts are like but from what I read before finding this site I picked The Reef. I would like to say thanks to shivor for his post on the reef it had alot of great pics and Info.

I will be spending alot of time here next couple of months trying to learn everything I can before our trip so my wife and I have some great memories. We never get to do anything like this so I want to make it very special for her.

Any pointers for us would be extremly helpful. like pesos or usd (been reading alot on that) and any orther veteran tips

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Welcome, Joe.
You're going to love it and you are coming down during the best time of the year.
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back again, again
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Welcome aboard Joe!

This site as TONS and TONS of great information!!! You can find the answer to about anything here.
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Life=Playa (almost)
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Here's my quick list for a first timer:

pesos not usd

use ATMs for best exchange rate - there are ATMs at the airport right when you walk out of customs

I would suggest if you are in PDC getting cash, you only use the bank ATMs (like Scotia, HSBC, Bank of America, etc). Don't use the freestanding ones that are scattered along 5th.

When you walk out of customs, do yourself a huge favor and ignore anyone trying to get your attention (or a simple no gracias will suffice) - They'll say things like "First time here?" "Where you guys staying"? etc, etc. They are timeshare salesmen and before you know it, you'll be in a 90 minute discussion at the airport and you haven't even set foot outside.

if you have transportation picking you up, just look for your ride. I've always taken the ADO bus so I just go straight to get my tickets for ADO.

don't be afraid of the food or the drinks with ice. there is nothing to fear - even from the street cart vendors (in fact, those are the best places to eat!)

I don't know anything about the AI resorts - not sure if "The Reef" is one of them - so can't be any help there. Thought I'd throw you some of the tips I got for my first trip and it helped us out tremendously.

Other than that, I highly recommend you read trip reports, use the search function, and generally nose around on this site. It's LOADED with stuff!
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very sparkly
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Ty for the welcomes

And Ty u2girlie for the tips they will help alot.

I have read search 101 and it has helped me alot so TY also for that thread. or I would still be paging through 500 threads trying to find out about usd or pesos

Love the site and all the reports!! May cant get here soon enough.

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Pesos!!!! Interac at ATM. Thats all you need. Have a great trip.
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Definitely pesos. Many of the resorts will have bank ATMs on the premises (the RPDC has a Banorte Machine).

Also, be sure to do 5th avenue at several different times of day, eg afternoon, early evening, late night. The vibe changes as the day wears on.
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way into it
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If I had to give one suggestion to first time visitors to Playa (and in this instance I will), I'd say treat yourself to a beach/sightseeing day in Tulum! Once you've settled in, gotten relaxed and soaked up the ambience and diversity of Playa then find transport to the Tulum ruins and a nice beach club there. We did this with a group of friends the last two trips. The beauty of the area is stunning.
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